Auto Categorize is broken I've posted here about this in the past. Auto Categorize continues to be far inferior from other accounting software I've worked with. Accourding to Wave, the system "learns", which is why can't pre-define that e.g. "xyz" is always Category 1. Here is my specific situation: I have a monthly recurring expense, let's call it "Office 365". One time in 2019, I had to categorize this as some rare category, let's call it "Weird Expenses". But ever since, this should be categorized as "Software Expenses". Every month, Wave steadfastly says: Hmm, Office 365, must be Weird Expense. Every month, I have to go in and manually change it to Software Expense. Every month, I have think about what an annoying tool I've selected and I'm now locked into. If it would've taken 2-3 month to "learn" that Office 365 is Software, ok, fine. But I've called it Weird once, and more than 25 times Software since - Wave continues believe that instead it is weird. Quite annoying.

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