Dear all, can any one help us here PLEASE?? The company has been used WAVE for a while, and never had any problem. But recently, after the main email account holder sent a collaborator invitation to me (i am new to the company), then the issues came in. 1st of all, I have never logged in to my wave account succesfully, it keeps telling me that 'pls provide valid user name and password'. even after i reset my password, still couldn't login. Then i have to use my colleagues wave account to do some works. And from here, my two colleagues start to 'failed login' too. They both had to reset the password, and it seems to solve the problem. But now one of the colleague failed to login again! The other colleague experienced something different, which is she can login at office (using office PC), but as soon as she got home (using her personal laptop), then she failed. These login issue has driven us crazy! and it all seems to happen after sending that collaborator invitation. any ideas PLEASE

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