Hi everyone, I'm just getting my feet wet with Wave. I love the UI and its simplicity (moving over from Quickbooks)! I had a few questions that I would appreciate your help with: * I'd like to know if there's a way to bulk categorize "Transfers". I'm transferring over deposits from my merchant account to Money In Transit and Wave is recognizing there are other transactions that match this. The only problem is it will not let me select "Transfer from Bank, Credit Card, Or Loan" in the drop down menu. Can anyone help with this? It's a major pain having to manually accepting and categorizing each one. * I'm using Zapier to auto-record sales as they come in from Stripe. It's all good as far as deposits but what about in the case of chargebacks or refunds? How can I properly enter this? If I cannot use the Zapier Wave integration is there a way to do it via Webhooks? Please advise as these two pieces above can be potential deal breakers as far as moving over to Wave! Thanks

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