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  • Thanks @PaulC. I think I’ve almost got it. If I understand correctly, I can get rid of my asset accounts for each tenant and just use the savings account that I hold the deposits in. I download my transactions into wave from that account already. M…
  • Hi @PaulC. Thanks for that detailed response! I am working my way through this with your assistance. The problem I have encountered is that I now cannot reconcile my account. I created the new account "Tenant Deposits Segregated Funds xxx," where xx…
  • Hi @PaulC, Thanks for the response. I am in Washington State, USA. I am NOT asking for legal or accounting advice--just advice on how to use the Wave software. I am just looking for technical advice on how to set up the transactions. I keep the sec…
  • Hi. Abbas Ali wrote "Create a category in Chart of Accounts under Liability section called : Security Deposits." I tried to do this. I went to chart of accounts and attempted to add an account. Under "Liabilities & Credit Cards." I have to selec…