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  • FYI, the detail that is missing/has to be double-checked is usually either the 'Category' and/or 'Account'
  • Is it possible to give permission only to the expenses part of the account? I have an external assistant who should help out with uploading the receipts & bills, but I don't want the person to see the invoices balance sheet or cashflow status of…
  • It was found in the Reports section and was called Sales Transactions. You could just select a date bracket and then it would give a simple table with all invoices, the customer name & the debit/credit amounts. If I go to the P&L report, …
  • I would also like to add the request for a bulk export of invoices. My accountant wants to see a list of invoices for each semester and I have to do export every single invoice one by one (instead of selecting a date - range and export all the invoi…
  • Big vote for the recurring bill feature. We run several businesses that use a plethora of online services that are billed monthly (e.g. InfusionSoft, Clickfunnels, Spotify, G-Drive, Google Suite, iCloud, Monday, Zapier, Zoom, Office365 just to name …