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  • Thanks for your response, but that is not what I am trying to find! The receipts export downloads actual pdfs of the receipts - I am looking for an excel spreadsheet with all the receipt details in. Can you help? Thanks
  • I have exported that, but I cannot find receipts report - there is accounting, customers, vendors, payments, invoice items, bill items, but no receipt report. Can you direct me where the receipts report is? Thanks
  • Hi, Thanks for the response. Can you direct me to exactly where I can find this file as I cannot find a way to download the raw data for receipts - I can find invoices, payments etc but not receipts. Thanks.
  • I have recently started using Wave, have uploaded my receipts for the first quarter and now wondering why I did this as it serves no purpose - I cannot download an excel report of receipts! Surely this should be a simple thing to fix? James, I have…
  • I have found one way to get individual amounts by invoice out. It gives date of invoice, description, and value debit and credit, but not invoice number. If you go into Account Balances report, scroll down to income and then click on Sales, it tak…