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  • Thorrrr

    Any update please?

    February 17, 2019
  • Thorrrr

    HI Alexia
    Could you tell me how to use Wave with Transferwise?
    I only use it to pay my VA's in the Philippines
    I transfer an amount from my Business Account in GBP into my GBD Transferwise Account
    Every two weeks i make a payment from my TW GBD account to pay in PHP directly into their Philippines Bank Account.
    It get converted by TW so i know what it is costing me in GBD also i am given a possessing charge in GBD.
    How do i setup TW as an account how do i record transfer from Business account and how do i record payments to my VA's
    Also i can get a csv statement from TW can that be imported into Wave ?
    Are you looking at making a connection with TW?


    February 1, 2019