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  • MartaP

    Dear Emma,

    re: posting transactions using USER EXCHANGE RATE

    Finally I managed to go through thousands of my postings starting from 2013 up to the migration date.

    I identified Migration issues that requires fixing in order for my accounts to be correct.

    I realised that the foreign currency bank transactions were converted and transferred to NEW UPGRADED WAVE with different exchange rate that the original postings to OLD WAVE. Subsequently that caused differences and the Migration Adjustment Entries. Due to Migration Adjustment Entries my foreign bank does not reconcile in the foreign currency (PLN) but it does in the functional currency (EUR).
    In order to bring my correct balances back I need to post some transactions using USER EXCHANGE RATE e.g. EUR 0,96 (PLN 5903,67).

    DR Foreign Currency BANK
    CR Gain on Foreign Exchange

    Please advise how to do it!

    This is really crucial for my accounts to be correct!

    Thank you in advance!

    June 26, 2020