Hi, i need help with regards to returns inwards. say i have product A and B which are treated as separate accounts in my books, if product A is bought on Sale Or Return but the client retailer pays for x number of products before actually selling the products to the end user. however the Retail Client is unable to sell them off and is thus forced to return them to me, but instead of refunding them for product A which they paid for, product B is selling quite well and the agreement is that they will be issued with credit notes which they'll deduct the amount we owe over time from the sales they are receiving from the sale of product B. So my question is, how do i write off each credit note? do i write it off by placing the credit note on product B which will reduce the sales figure for Product B which i treat as an account on its own. If i reduce the amount using a credit note which was for Product A, it won't give me an inaccurate figure of how product B is doing in terms of sales.

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