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  • Anson578

    Hello Samd,
    New to wave, accounting and business as a whole. I have attached my business bank account to wave but i'm stuck on something.
    First, I'm a small business owner/operator in the pressure washing industry. I purchased equipment and built my service trailer over the past few months. My initial personal capital contribution was 6156.00. ( prior to llc formation and opening the business checking).
    I opened the business checking and deposited ( again ) more capital contributions ( seven deposits ) totaling 2593.87 so I could purchase more equipment from that account.
    I want to enter the initial 6156. as a single contribution transaction ( as it was dozens of purchases from personal funds and CC's, and I want the deposits of the additional 2593.87 to run as regular transactions that were imported when attaching the business checking.
    How can I do the entries to pay me back with interest without it effecting the imported business checking transactions and or bank balance.

    October 11, 2020