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Chartered Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV)


www.fondsderoulement.ca https://www.linkedin.com/in/lnguyencpa/ Today, traditional accounting solutions such as bookkeeping and taxes are no longer sufficient to meet the realities of SMEs. With the popularity of digital technology and the emergence of new business models, it is essential for any company to develop innovative competitive advantages. To do so, the first step is to assess the company's financial position, particularly its debt level and liquidity needs. As a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), my expertise will help you dig into your numbers and look for solutions to solidify your finances and better position your business against the competition. My services are an all-in-one solution. My services focus on 4 axes: General Accounting and Taxes Periodic performance monitoring Management reporting Strategic Financial Planning Other services: Training on request

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About me
Chartered Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV)
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