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  • ACU

    I am trying to split transactions for 2020 and they are not saving. Can you let me know what the issue might be? I tried multiple devices, Beta, not Beta etc.

    February 20, 2021
  • marlasmusic

    I have tried getting an answer to my problem. I am getting nowhere. I have 2 Bank accounts in Wave. Each account is assigned to a different business in my account. Everything for both accounts/businesses has been reconciled. I am now generating reports for 2020. For some reason, the system shows only the one account for each business; but the Chart of Accounts shows BOTH accounts activated for the one business. Therefore, income from BOTH accounts is affecting the reports for the one business. I hope I am making this clear. I cannot generate an accurate report for 2020. It seems to be only the INCOME, not expenses being pulled. Very strange. I have used Wave since 2018. Never had this problem before. HELP!!

    January 20, 2021