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  • Cohc

    Dear Katie
    I have used wave for a few years and my love is turning to a disgusting hate. After spending weeks fixing our accounting after the last upgrade, Wave has once again decided that my bank is wrong and wave is right by having an account balance that is INCORRECT. All months balance just fine, then I get to June and Wave has an account balance that does not match. My bank statement is correct and all transaction match, right down to the number of transactions, but the account won't reconcile due to wave's balance being wrong. Please suggest a different software for me to use.

    September 6, 2020
  • dawid_hyman2018

    Hi Katie,
    I am a very proud user of your service. Good Job, program is fantastic.
    I have a quick issue that I have noticed. I need to track my GP (Gross Profit). I have noticed that by changing my Vendors Product purchase price it automatically adjusts my selling price, to the same and visa versa. Therefor I can't track the GP on the product. I need to be able to set the purchase amount of the Vendor to X and my selling it at Y, adding my GP% to it. Please could you advice on this issue. I hope you understand. Kind Regards,

    August 11, 2020