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  • Jaydog
    Almost any business that orders products to resale uses a Purchase Order system. Even construction companies use POs to purchase material to build projects. I used Quickbooks for 8 years, all you do is create a purchase order with the items and cost. Send it to the vendor. Then when items come in, you link the po number to the bill. When every item on PO is received, then the PO shows closed. This prevents accidenlty paying for something twice or receiving more inventory. It's the only way to reconcile yourninventory and bills properly. I have read threads all the way back to 2016 or 2017 and still they have not corrected this problem for there customers. I have put uncountable hours using QBs, the Wave Platform is great, they just need the PO feature. I would say there business would double if they correct this problem
    July 22, 2020