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@samberner80 If you have changed your password for your bank login, you will more than likely need to reconnect your bank account with the correct login credentials in order for transactions to start importing correctly.

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  • Brandy_Shuman

    New to Wave, trying to figure things out...We are posting transactions manually and was wondering how do we "connect" a payment made through transactions expenses and a bill that was posted?

    May 10, 2019
  • lewistaylor

    Hi Jamie,

    As mentioned to alexlewiszarkos, I spoke to you about the starling bank integration on the community thread https://community.waveapps.com/discussion/comment/16849#Comment_16849

    I'm being serious about implementing the feature. I run a development house and we have 4 free developers at the moment. It would genuinely be beneficial for me to give you guys free resource. We've released and maintained products for some very big corporations, and I know we could handle the task of doing a simple API integration. https://next.dangerfarms.com/work/

    I have always been a big supporter of wave, but I can tell by speaking to others who use that sentiment is shifting due to a feeling of disconnect between North America and the UK. Two very big changes have happened in the UK recently that I don't think customers felt were given enough emphasis – Making Tax Digital and a lack of support to the 2 new banks mentioned. I do think this will lose you customers and we are offering to help.

    April 29, 2019
    • lewistaylor
      This should have been a DM, feel free to delete! Have sent you one.