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  • LuxonF

    Dear Charlotte
    I am a new Wave user only started using it last week. I run a grocery that buys and sells food items and other home use items at a retail basis. In that case, I don't use invoice as I sell to customers who pop in and out in my store. My problem has been on how to add the cost of goods on my items and decreasing my inventory account when I sell those items. I have went through the guidance that you have in this forum but I have not been able to locate the solution. So it is like, when I buy let say a kilo of sugar from the supplier, I record that as expense in an Inventory Account and when I sale it, I record that as income in Sales Accounts. I think I missing a cost of goods sold which is very important to show me whether I am making profits or not. For example, one kilo of sugar costs Tanzanian shillings 2 200 and I sell it at 2 400 to earn 200 shillings per Kilo. Can you show me how to add COGS and Inventory as to me these seems to bear the same figure.

    October 30, 2018
    • Tyler
      Wave isn't explicitly designed for Inventory Tracking which is where things can get a bit difficult. We do have a workaround guide but it's just that, a workaround. You can review it here:
  • Chardy

    Hi Charlotte, is support no longer working? I've been waiting 5 days for a response to the same question (sent twice and posted a query on this forum). If Wave can look after advisors (and I'm one) then customers are happy, and everybody wins.

    Please advise to whom I should write (a real person) to get an answer on my query 792258 (12/10), followed up with 793726 (16/10).\

    Also - just out of interest, what is Markdown? I've clicked it and it takes me to Wikipedea only.

    October 16, 2018
    • Tyler
      Support is definitely still working away as fast as we can! The Rebrand got lots and lots of people really excited about Wave and we are working to ensure that our Support Team can keep up with the global interest. Someone will be updating your Tickets as soon as possible.

      In regards to Markdown, it's a coding language (think of it like HTML).
  • Craigdubh

    Thanks charlotte. are you a bot or a real person?

    October 15, 2018
    • Charlotte
      I'm a person! I've worked at Wave for just under three years now.
    • YonasK_2018
      Hi Charlotte,
      Good to know you,
      As a new guy, Is there something I should know as a community rule or agreement?