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Customer support specialist at Wave HQ.

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About me
Customer support specialist at Wave HQ.


  • TomCooper

    Is there anyone "out there" at Wave? Live chat has been down for a week or more, and there are no working support links in the application. Community support is the only channel showing some limited feedback. What's going on out there? Did Wave go out of business?

    January 13, 2020
  • Valentine_Tamekia

    Hi BarsinA,

    Could you please assist us asap as we are unable to get any one to respond to all our follow up emails in 48 hours as we getting very desperate to get paid and pay our supplier, we have provided credit card transaction signed form as requested, but no longer getting any response from Achal Khandelwal.

    We are now verging on bankruptcy, since we are a new business, the kind of business Waveapp was meant to be supporting we thought.

    We had made it clear that these funds need to be cleared by the 7th or else we won’t be able to pay the manufacturer supplier of the hearing aid device and our account could get disabled.

    We are a legitimate business, according to the information on the online app the payment is still on hold see attached or below.

    Can you please get this hold removed from this payment today as we have provided all information and Achal Khandelwal one of your colleagues confirmed that the payment will be cleared through and this has not happened.

    January 8, 2020
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