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  • Vishi

    Hi AlexL
    Have few queries regarding Invoice, which are unsolved. Please connect.

    April 6, 2020
  • Hussain

    I m importing all my customers data in a CSV Template which is provided by wave. But it is not uploading showing an error.

    What I need to ask that what will be my Country (Pakistan) ISO Code which we need to enter in the CSV File.

    I have uploaded the file without Country and Currency. it gets done but than I have to individually enter both country and currency again the Wave software one by one.

    Please help me out

    March 24, 2020
  • AimeeH

    HI Alex,

    I am having the same issue when editing an invoice and then trying to save it. I receive this error message:

    Oops! There was an issue with updating your invoice. Please try again.
    Error: Could not save your invoice at this time. Try again.

    Nothing I have done is helping. I did let me change the currency then it saved but now I cannot change the currency back. Your help is much appreciated!

    March 20, 2020
  • BeverlyCPA1948
    H Hello
    I am a 25 ur business owner and a CPA that recently utilized Wave into my small local financial services business. I am very old school so my firm primarily accepts checks and cash. Let me explain why.
    Nine years ago, I worked with my then financial institution and set up a merchant account to accept credit/debit cards. My bank had a security breach that resulted in My business account information was “hacked” or “cloned”. All of my clients personal financial account information was stolen.
    Upon informing my clients that their card information may have been illegally obtained, I nearly lost everything.
    It took up until last year to recover from the loss of business. Rebuilding the trust and clientele within my community was the most difficult financial experience to recover from.
    With that said, I am not a fan of accepting cards but now offer this once again. I have not had to process a card payment as of yet since my clients are custom to paying by check or EFT.
    This seemed to be a somewhat seamless transition until the eve of my first payout. Now I am under review again to verify my Identification. I am not very savvy with uploading the new wave of photos today’s technology requires and needed to complete this a second time since I scanned my ID so understandably this would need to be addressed ASAP. However, the lack of information on this issue has slowed down my finances coming into my business.
    I was delayed initially with similar issue to verify ownership of the business website. It took a few reps to assist to finalize what was needed however the process was fairly quick and very helpful learning how to navigate through Wave. I was fully verified and informed I was ready to accept payments. I made sure to notify customers of new process and integrated services on our website. Many commercial clients had trouble with check payments being returned. The process has been challenging and delayed submission of clients tax returns. Most have been understanding thus far however it is taking its toll on my business financially.
    I processed many wave check payments since Feb 19, 2020
    Mind you it’s TAX SEASON!!
    75% of my business right now is during Jan to May. I have over $10,000 I cannot access because of the several delays and additional verifications needed. Successful in transit Payout that I reflect they have been paid to my bank I have not received causing me to again pay my employee from my personal credit card and not receive a paycheck myself.
    All invoices that were paid are now on hold and I was noticed by email that went to spam. (All others went to inbox without issue).
    But to confuse me further, I received an additional e-mail to my inbox congratulating the setup of my direct deposit (arrived minutes after the email with another ID request delivered to spam) Link is not working to upload ID, contacting
    support delayed me further as it was with a robot, no phone number to call and obtain a definitive resolution how to achieve seamless payment services without all of this interruption delaying my payments for services my business already rendered. I spent hours awake reading through the site trying to obtain information and educate myself on Wave processes and procedures. I am now EXTREMELY NERVOUS about my decision to implement WAVE.
    Can someone please advise what I have to do or provide to make sure I am not going to continue the delays hindering my business from being paid?
    Please advise me if the delays are quickly processed to release payments or do they start over again and I Will have to wait another week or so ?
    I will Not survive if any additional funds are held since they have 3 months of what I need to run my business and have a full appointment schedule with no openings for the next 4 weeks I need to process my invoices and be paid as promised.
    Additional delay will be detrimental to my business. If this is a common issue I may need to obtain my funds processed and cancel my service.

    Am I missing something ?
    Is there anything that I should not do? Is there more I need to do?
    Is this a common issue?
    Does this happen often?
    Please share your thoughts, advice , help etc !!
    Accurate information and GUIDANCE Very much needed and appreciated!!
    March 5, 2020
  • kiwi_fan

    Hi Alex
    Am i correct in saying you don't appear to have a manual entry cash expense claim process as yet?
    One shouldn't need to scan receipts to manage this process. Most small businesses incur costs personally that need to be put through the business and reimbursed. Often only a portion of the total expense is placed through the business (home office exp and costs etc).
    Others like Xero manage this very easily using a Expense Claim screen - so enter the cash expenses and keep doing so until such a time that you wish to reclaim them - at which time the aggregated claims are submitted for approval / flagged approved - then the user simply reimburses themselves for those costs from bank (which is then matched with this claim during bank rec) or classes that claim as introduced owner funds.
    If Wave had this it would be an awesome addition and totally necessary. Deals to all expenses incurred personally and those petty cash items that need reimbursing.

    February 18, 2020
  • Irish

    Hi Alex, I have a few questions related to Bills. I think one of them is definitely a bug. Any chance you could take a look? Thanks.

    February 11, 2020