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  • kiwi_fan

    Hi Alex
    Am i correct in saying you don't appear to have a manual entry cash expense claim process as yet?
    One shouldn't need to scan receipts to manage this process. Most small businesses incur costs personally that need to be put through the business and reimbursed. Often only a portion of the total expense is placed through the business (home office exp and costs etc).
    Others like Xero manage this very easily using a Expense Claim screen - so enter the cash expenses and keep doing so until such a time that you wish to reclaim them - at which time the aggregated claims are submitted for approval / flagged approved - then the user simply reimburses themselves for those costs from bank (which is then matched with this claim during bank rec) or classes that claim as introduced owner funds.
    If Wave had this it would be an awesome addition and totally necessary. Deals to all expenses incurred personally and those petty cash items that need reimbursing.

  • Irish

    Hi Alex, I have a few questions related to Bills. I think one of them is definitely a bug. Any chance you could take a look? Thanks.

    February 11, 2020
  • BobbypereiraP

    Hi Alex,
    Every time I upload a receipt using the Receipts app, I include the subtotal (price before sales tax) and total (price after sales tax). I downloaded my data but the only prices I see are my total prices. There is no way for me to see what I paid in sales tax in each receipt. I need this to do my tax reports. Is there an easy way to get this information downloaded?


    February 4, 2020
  • JohnMk

    hi Alex

    January 30, 2020
  • Lindsay_MakeupArtist

    thanks alex. I was hoping you could talk through the work around with me a bit... I have been trying several things with no resolution.
    I want to send the customer a receipt for the deposit - is there a way to do that as a "transaction"? Or perhaps send them a customer statement? Many times the client does as not decided on what services to book with me, so there can be several weeks between me receiving the deposit and creating the invoice. So if I just create one in order to send a receipt, I have to choose a random service, and this could be very confusing.

    January 24, 2020
  • satish

    Hi Alex

    i have received a payment from customer in my bank account.
    then i recorded the payment against the invoice and the status is paid.
    now the customer requested for the refund and we are ready to refund as it is not utilized and there is a small bank charges loss . but we are ready to refund the complete amount to customer and we are ready to bear the bank charges.
    i used refund of invoice option and did the refund.
    now the problem is invoice shows overdue. how to handle this ? Can you please guide

    January 24, 2020
  • muyi86
    Hi Alex. I’m still unable to receive my own copy in mail / account : [email protected]
    January 24, 2020
  • Yves

    Hi Alex, Is Desjardins Business no longer part of the data aggragator? It used to work fine. I can see 'Desjardins Personal' in the bank list, but not 'Desjardins Business' which seems odd...

    January 23, 2020
  • Nathan92

    Hi Alex, do you work for Wave? If so, could you provide us an update with the system. Lots of issues today,

    January 9, 2020
  • Snowflekkie

    AlexL -
    I need assistance with th csv imports - I have tried all your suggestions to no avail... still get error - there needs to be a date, amount and description column

    Please respond to my email log - snowflekkie

    January 8, 2020
  • IanMclellan_4322

    hello does wave have a phone number for invoice problems

    January 6, 2020
  • Statomic

    Two days ago received an email from a wave stating

    "We apologize for the inconvenience.

    We evaluate risk based on several factors such as understanding a business' model to help us determine whether it is susceptible to high chargeback and refund velocity.

    Unfortunately, we have deemed your business to be high risk due to the risks of chargebacks. We may occasionally re-evaluate a business if they can provide past credit card processing history showing low chargebacks and refund history.

    We hope you understand our decision.

    At this point, we have refunded the amount back to your customers and you can collect the same from them using other modes of payments."

    That same day waves deleted around $10,000 worth of invoices and supposedly sent back to my clients. The problem that I am having is that no one has reached out to me about this situation besides the email. We have never had any charger back on the account. When Speaking to 5 of my clients that were included in the so call return on funds. They have stated that they has been no indication of funds returning back to them. And they also was wondering why the funds were being returned back when they made the payments. And none of my clients can pay the invoices that were returned because they are not seeing any reversal of funds. So right now its looks as if wave has taken their payment but as not released it over to our company or back to them. PLEASE HELP. This is very unusually because I have been using wave for over a year now and never experienced this with any invoice I've sent for payment online. THIS ONE ACTION HAS AFFECTED OUT PAYROLL AND SERVICES WE PROVIDED TO OUR CLIENTS. IF SOMEONE FROM WAVE COULD PLEASE REACH OUT TO US. WE HAVE ALREADY SENT THE CONTACT US FORM SEVERAL TIMES BUT SILL NO ANWSER.

    January 2, 2020

    HELP! I currently use QB, have with various companies for over 20 years. I learned about WAVE, and it may be suitable for me, but the conversion does not seem easy! What am I missing. I do use QB payroll, and am interested in learning about that service, but 1) I do not invoice, 2) I do not mail anyone, 3) I do not collect sales tax, 4) I do not accept credit cards, and 5) there are no receivables and rarely payables. Money comes in, money goes out. Simple - or at least so I believe. Is it not possible to import a chart of accounts and anything else, or must it all be done manually? I do not even with QB link bank accounts - little need to do so, why is that part of the process? How much is payroll? I appreciate any and all answers you can provide.

    January 2, 2020