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  • In the create a recurring invoice flow, the Get Paid step is allowing only Manual Payments. From what I read in your support center, I should set it in "Sales > Payments" tab in the left side menu. However, I don't have such tab under Sales. (link to your article: Please help …
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  • The Google Sheets looks really promising for uploading a list of recurring transactions to Wave. One thing that is more attractive than just uploading a CSV is that the Google Sheets Add-On allows importing Future Dated transactions. Has anyone tried it?
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  • SriSri
    Why bills list table not showing due date for each bill. That will be good feature to see due date and highlight in red color if past due like invoice.
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  • Greetings! I'd like to propose the addition of late payment fees & interest to the creation of Invoices and Bills. I live in Brazil, and here we have a very unique kind of invoicing called "Boleto", in which you pay a small fee to a bank for the creation of a legally binding invoicing document. Frequently, one adds to these late p…
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  • Hi all, I am not really sure what I am supposed to put on here but here goes nothing. I am currently a bookkeeper/office manager in the great state of Montana. I am highly skilled in payroll, accounts payable and reconciling but my niche is accounts receivable. I live to get companies their money. Recently I have opened my own bookkeeping and c…
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  • This discussion was created from comments split from: Feature Request- Recurring Bills.
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  • I run an investment management firm. I bill investors twice a year or more based on parameters as per their contract. However to run my office I have some bills (rent, phone/internet, paper,toner etc) and they do get missed after which there is a penalty. Are any of the following possible: 1. A simple desktop notification for any bills that are o…
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    Having a problem with the way recuring invoices generates the invoice numbers - is there a way to set this as at the moment it seems to be auto generating all of my auto invoices with the same number/words and adding a 1/2/3 to the end - BUTit also includes all my clients initials as this is how I set up my manual invoices. ie. 12345 _ABC So on …
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  • Hello Wave Team, Wave has been a great application and we have been using it at our company for the last 4 years. We find it awesome and it manages all our accounting. We have a small suggestion to put forward. We deal with a lot of recurring bills every month including salaries, utility bills and other service bills which are mostly the sa…
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  • Hi. What is the difference between receipts and bills? For example, I purchase a counter to use for my business I bought a kleenex from supplier to resell it. Where do I upload the counter receipt? and where do I upload the kleenex receipt? And how can I print report for expense and amortisation for my accounting without printing the kleenex? …
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  • -(The scenario): My business provides a technical service that we bill our parent company for, but my business also collects money from the parent company's customers. In other words, I, as an employee of the Parent, get customers to sign a contract. Then my personal company contracts to the parent to do the work that I, as an employee, was awarde…
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  • Is it possible for me to send an Invoice from one of my Wave business ( Business A ) to another of my Wave business ( Business B ) so that the recipient business ( Business B ) automatically shows it as a Bill? Both businesses are in the same Wave account.
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  • I want to create a bill for all my monthly subscriptions, phone bills, and church contributions. Do I have to create a new bill for each one and label each service provider as a vendor?
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  • Hello Wave Team, Your solution has been so awesome! Absolutely amazing! However, I want to be able to post my bill to Vendor Prepayment / Vendor Credit!
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