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  • My payroll site cannot function.I checked the guidance or Youtube it showed not the latest wave apps. (Image) This show my site This is what Guidance show Inside the Guidance picture, payroll has pop up 6 icons and can key in employees detail. But my business account cannot. Any entrepreneurs and Wavers can help me?
    AngelsBud_2018 3 views 1 comment Most recent by Alexia August 31, 2018 5:51PMWave Features
  • I am a professional accountant, and some of my clients are interested in working with Wave processes. Now, I have several questions: 1) In our country it exists that apart from the invoice number it is issued with a fiscal voucher number (NCF) (It is currently composed of a letter and 10 numbers this is sequential, I was looking at the fields avai…
    Camilo 21 views 4 comments Most recent by Alexia June 11, 2018 8:16PMWave Features