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  • I specialize in helping small to mid-sized businesses with many professional services including but not limited to the following: - Tax - Accounting - Bookkeeping - Financial Coaching - Other Consulting Opportunties My game plan is to take a wholistic approach, and evaluate your business to see where I can save you time, money, and he…
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  • Hi guys, I'm a young entrepreneur from the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (probably never heard of it... But it's there... It's even on Google maps :).) I have a tourism startup that's, well, essentially airbnb experiences for the Caribbean (airbnb experiences are EXTREMELY under represented or non-existent in most Carib…
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  • Local Group? Well here goes, thought it better to not restrict myself to South Yorkshire as I suspect there aren't that many of you in my immediate neighbourhood,
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  • Looking for CPA in MD
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  • Birkley Accounting specializes in entrepreneurial services in order to relieve the bookkeeping burden a rising business faces. My goal is to help refocus your energy back on advancing your craft. I’m based in Nashville, Tennessee. Not located in Music City? I’ve been a Wave Accounting user since 2012, and remote work is most of my business. www.…
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  • I provide solutions beyond the numbers for businesses and their owners and I love collaborating with others on projects and discussions. I'm a teacher at heart and love working with clients so they have better understanding of their business. My practice is mostly cloud based working with accounting and payroll support solutions, business and i…
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  • Okay so the lonely hearts headline caught your eye, welcome! We're a UK based accountancy practice and have been a part of the Wave Pro Network for well over a year now, having joined to meet the needs of our clients that were already using the product. We are looking now to expand the number of businesses we work with on Wave and look forward…
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  • Hello, My name is Ella. I just started to use wave for my business but I can't add business transactions. I am currently using the free online version. when i try to add either an income or expense, the only thing i can edit is the account but i can't either add a description or the amount. Can you help me? Thanks
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  • Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to 168 new Wavers this week! We’re so excited to be working with you and we can’t wait to learn more about you and your business. @jkchandika, @Joshua, @nycortex, @Medoxp, @kimmac48, @Spot, @Admin4chimneyco, @mauricepugh, @EAGnvTax, @Gerard_Bu_1, @NLA, @quarnelia, @evelyn_shineco, @Raz, @Jacqui_EN_2018, @Casca…
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  • We have been using Wave for quite a long time now and have found it to be very user friendly. Customers really like it too. We'd like to introduce ourselves to the Wave Community. We are Macryn Voice Greetings and we provide Professional Voice Talent for: * Voicemail Greetings * Auto Attendant Recordings * IVR Voice Prompts * On-Hold Mess…
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  • I have a PayPal account for my business and a separate one for myself, personally. (This is allowed by the PayPal terms of use.) I'm unable to add both.Whichever one I do add automatically becomes "integrated" instead of just a bank account. I don't want to accept payment via my personal account. I just want to track transactions within it. If I…
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  • Hi I want to continue my accounts using wave but my company is old so how can I continue with the year end records of previous year. Can auditors audit using wave as our books are audited every year. Kindly help me on wave or whatsapp me on my number +254708726058 Mombasa Kenya Thanks
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  • Virtual and Physical Services on demand in Asia Pacific and Europe.
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  • Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to 119 new Wavers this week! We’re so excited to be working with you and we can’t wait to learn more about you and your business. @treasurermaastricht, @saludpanama, @CCP, @DigitalStormMedia, @kdp001, @Shogunlexus, @Sagely, @cullsin, @justinkspang, @Molarmax, @SEOLadyUK, @Larrybest, @SheldonSwe, @OldGoat, @Nat…
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  • Can someone at Wave please provide the contact info for the banking data aggregator (Yodlee/Envestnet)? They need to fix their aggregation scripts for a couple institutions, and I can't find any end-user contact info. Yes I understand Wave can't fix Yodlee's issue, but neither can Yodlee if they don't know about it.
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  • Have tried to connect my bank account multiple times and have been unsuccessful. Have then gone to manually upload a statement and this hasn't worked either. I have followed instructions but wish to connect a bank account asap - is there someone I can talk to directly about this. The help pages aren't getting me any where..
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