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  • -(The scenario): My business provides a technical service that we bill our parent company for, but my business also collects money from the parent company's customers. In other words, I, as an employee of the Parent, get customers to sign a contract. Then my personal company contracts to the parent to do the work that I, as an employee, was award…
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  • I am a Real Estate Agent with a background in bookkeeping/accounting and I find the lack of sub accounts a bit frustrating; it is a simple enough feature. If I am launching multiple advertising campaigns I want to know how much I spent on each effort, but I also want to know what my aggregate spending on all campaigns for the period was. Without t…
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  • Chartered Accountant (Indian CPA) MBA with 16+ years experience in Finance & Accounting Domain. I have served varied roles in Consulting, Management Reporting, Closing & Reporting (R2R) & Financial Analytics. My specialization: 1. Bookkeeping on Wave Quick Books Zoho Books MYOB Xero Including Bank statement upload & r…
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  • I need to see expenses project by project. So i need to add P1-expenses top level account and P1-fuel, P1-food, P1-professional fees etc... sub level accounts. So that i can see only Project 1 expenses in sum.
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  • It is difficult to get correct reporting without sub-accounts. Wave - please consider adding this feature in ASAP!
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