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  • :# I'm sure this has been discussed before.. I run a small H.R Admin business. We cater to companies that don't need on site H.R but still need to be compliant, we also do professional translations and virtual assisting. Right now there are only 2 of us and have been extremely busy. My issue is after logging in so many hours on a project we pres…
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  • I need to submit my business return to CRA and because my first year was very simple (zero revenue, very few expenses), I don't want to use my accountant for this (I have another business that is much more complicated and he and my bookkeeper use Quickbooks to manage bookkeeping and accounting for that). From what I can tell, Wave doesn't have an…
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  • I have checking account dividends deposited into my checking and I'm not sure how to properly categorize this. I also have the same issue with my credit card issuing cash back rewards which appears as a credit. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
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  • I deleted an invoice, but the amount still shows on the P&L. When i click on it says - The page you tried to visit doesn't exist This is usually caused by an incorrect or outdated link. Please assist
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  • Good afternoon, I plan on seperating from here on out but I have a bank acct that I was using for both personal and business, Im trying to seperate transactions in wave, but what would I catergorize my husbands paycheck that came from his own seperate job? secondly, I dont want it to show up as income for the business because it is not , so how d…
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    I am a travel agency owner, all the money I receive is from vendors paying a commission that one of the travel planners earned. I want my daily bank account to reflect the money that is actually available - even if I haven't paid my travel planner. Right now I record the commission from my vendor as follows: ACCOUNT: Business Checking, DEPOSIT,…
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  • Hear me out. Something very odd happened when I was writing in today's sales. I recorded everything as usual, but then I noticed my cash flow's balance wasn't matching "all accounts" cash, which is the cash on hand shown in the balance sheet. I doubled checked everything, and found out through the Trial Balance that it is unbalanced by t…
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  • In this scenario, there are 3 companies: 1. Manufacturer 2. Agent 3. End user/final payer Manufacturer is not licenced to sell in the end user's geography, so bills End User through Agent (which holds appropriate licence to sell). Example: * End user invoiced $100 by agent * End User pays $100 to Agent, for which the Agent earns $30 commission * …
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  • I have entered all of my beginning balances with the exception of my bank accounts and loans. I read the instructions on how to do this, but am a bit confused. Is there a reason why the beginning bank balances are entered as deposits and loans as withdrawals? I would much prefer simply entering them as a journal entry, but then I don't want to …
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  • As with the situation all over the world, my business has been massively impacted by lack of events and as a result I've had to seek government assistance such as their SEISS scheme and Universal Credit. How should I use Wave to log benefits?
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  • Can’t find a way to generate po’s or track payments to suppliers and sales people. Is this critical features STILL missing from the app? Is there a zapier integration that would compensate? What about inventory management and other tie in needs? I’m not thrilled with having to login to 2 different crm modules but IF wave doesn’t have it I’m wil…
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  • I have just completed my year-long Wave experiment and I am (truly) very sad to say I've just ponied up the coin to buy the newest version of QB desktop. :disappointed: Wave is a wonderful platform that I really like, so I would be remiss to not explain myself. The bottomline for me is reporting capabilities. I need to be able to drill down, de…
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  • Hi, I'm just wondering how to enter a Start up Government Grant into my wave accounts, which Category. Is it a "Capital Interest" or anything else? I also need to know where and how to enter Personal Investment into my wave account? Which category does it go in?
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  • Hello all, I was wondering what the process would be if I’d like to setup my ETF investment accounts on my wave bookeeping accounts. Basically amounts are debited via my checking account and then ported over to an investment account. Since this isn’t really a withdrawal and more of a deposit into another account, how should i go about allocating …
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  • Dear All, I am new at Wave accounting and i have small business in Singapore. I transferred my books and recorded starting balances but there is a difference showing in my actual balance and system balance. My base currency is USD and i also have SGD entries and balances but SGD balances are not showing as per actual may be because of exchange ra…
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  • Hello, I exported accounting transactions through the settings tab. I changed the category of a large number of transactions in MS excel. Can I import this modified file back to Wave? If it's not possible, is there a way to change the category of a large number of transactions in Wave? Thanks
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  • WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? We solve your bookkeeping and accounting problems. PROFESSIONAL BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES _ FOR SOUTH AFRICA AND SIMILAR TIME ZONE COUNTRIES_ From basic bookkeeping to final year-end accounts and everything in between. We also offer staff training for your day to day admin and bookkeeping tasks. With experience i…
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  • My business is not making enough money for me to pay subscription fees from my business account. So, I use my personal credit card for such purchases. In hindsight, I can see how that was a bad idea. How do I record those business transactions from my personal credit card? I have been using the following: Account: Owner Investment / Drawings Dep…
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  • I run a business that allows Pros and other instructors/coaches to use my platform to run clinics, lessons, camps, and other things like this where their students use my site to register. It's kind of like a marketplace where students can look at the various coaches and choose the one they like the best, and at the end of the day, all the registra…
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  • How to record purchase return and sales return in wave?
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  • Hello everyone, I am new here. I have been using Wave for a couple of months now. I need help with adding Liability. I took a loan from someone. I do not know how to add full amount of the loan. It is necessary that I know how much loan i have paid and how much is left to paid. I created an account for that but I am not able to add full loan amo…
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  • Hey Guys, Is there a way to show an outstanding balance on the next Invoice I send the customer; and if not, what would be the best way to work around this? Example: I have a customer who only paid $450 towards a $500 invoice. On the next Invoice I want to display a "Balance Carried Over/Outstanding Balance" for $50 so that they pay wh…
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    I transfer money from my business account (connected to wave apps) to my personal account (not connected) via e-transfer. This shows up in my transactions as uncategorized. When I try to choose a category, there isn't a "Dividend" option or anything close to that. What's the recommended category to use for these transactions?
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  • Hi guys, Im still new at accounting so i need your help. Lets say I have 2,000 dollars of my business money invested in an outside organization. I get dividens years on this investment. My question is, 1) Underwhich category do i place this money which I have invested. Its not really an income , its business money just placed somewhere and I…
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  • 6 April 2019 kicks off the new tax year (2019-20), but this is also when the 2019 tax returns (covering the 2018-19 tax year) can start to be filed. . Returns done on paper MUST be filed by 31 October whilst returns filed online have until 31 January 2020 to be filed. Your self assessment tax payments are due in January and July each (save for th…
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  • Hi there, I am a bookkeeper and currently taking on more clients. I am in bay area and work remotely and would love to discuss your bookkeeping requirements.
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  • Contact us if you need assistance setting up your books in wave, or have bookkeeping and accounting questions that we can help you resolve. Contact: [email protected] Website:
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  • Hello. I have a query/feedback as you can see in the pictures above. There are 2 scenarios 1) when posting an expense(withdrawal) + selecting Accounts payable in category (as I'm paying an advance to my vendor w/o posting the bill) the 'Add vendor' option doesn't appear, but when I select Account receivable 'Add vendor' option appears instead of…
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  • I am a self employed consultant I am using a Fidelity IRA account for my retirement savings. How do I set that account properly up and how do I book contributions to that account properly? I originally set it up as a "long Term Asset" account but it does not appear on the list of accounts to record a transfer
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  • I just want to make sure i'm understanding this correctly I'm paying back a shareholder loan from a business bank account. In journal transaction would I Debit to shareholder loan Credit to bank account. Showing that I took money out of the bank account to pay the shareholder loan? Thanks!
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