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  • I am in the resort scuba diving business. So for one i work with online hotel agents like, and I also work with my own online travel agency for my own bookings. I had an idea of using Assets (Money in Transit) for these things. This because i get paid on a monthly basis from the hotel agents. And also a lot of…
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  • Whether you're a freelancer, contractor, startup or small business, we offer complete accounting and taxation experience that fits your lifestyle with unlimited support. Why not visit our website for more information and book an appointment to discuss your goal.
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  • Hi All, Our business is a partnership LLC. The partners receive distributions directly from one of the companies checking accounts each month. I am trying to get help on how to classify those distributions so they still count towards our net profit as were taxed by passthrough. Right now I have them all classified as a special line item until I…
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  • JGardner Consulting offers low monthly rates for your bookkeeping needs. JGC charges lower bookkeeping rates, while an accountant reviews any work done, at no extra charge to you! To get an instant free quote visit:
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  • I have data of receipts of 1 year from another accounting system in csv and pictures and would like to import it into wave. What is the best way to do this?
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  • I am looking for and accepting new clients who would like any level of assistance with their bookkeeping and payroll duties. If your business is not Accounting, let me help! My work is my passion and I absolutely love the numbers! I am a user of Wave as well as QuickBooks Online proAdviser and certified in Xero. I am a very fast learner of any sof…
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  • Hi I was trying to fix the problem I currently have in waveapps. My "bkash" account is showing 1149.50 amount in it. But in reality I have 16000 in that account. How can I fix / adjust it without effecting other accounts. Picture given is as a reference. Thanks in Advance If you have any problem seeing image.…
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  • Hi there! I own several properties and I employ a property manager. The PM collects the rent, they take their percentage and then cut me a check for the rest. My question is how do/should I track that in the WavesApp? Since the app is linked to my bank, the transaction is good but not sure how I should add PM Fees. Example: Rent: $500…
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  • I am using the free version of waves accounting and I have noticed that my income Chart seems outrageous for some reasons unknown to me. This month however, it was quite obvious that income attributed to my business isn't so. What am I not doing or doing to make it so?
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  • Do you really want to "Self" Assess? You're in business to make money doing what you're good at, not because you wanted to become a book keeper, accountant and tax adviser. The Self Assessment return deadline for all non electronic filing is 31 October, but why not engage an accountant to deal with it for you. They can file online for you, wh…
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  • I have linked my business bank account to my Wave accounting system. The transactions are importing without problem, but I noticed that my bank balance does not show on the balance sheet under my assets. How can I rectify this? Or do I need to do this manually? Thanks for you help!
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  • Hi One of my clients is from Europe and I invoice them in Euros and then they pay me through Paypal. However they just assumed I wanted to be paid in USD (I thought they were going to send it in Euros) now I have 1) an invoice billed in Euros 2) Received money via paypal in USD 3) my base/home currency in CDN. I got no clue what to p…
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  • We are an Ohio based accounting firm that works virtually with clients across the U.S. Wave Pro, Quickbooks Proadvisor, and Xero certified. We offer bookkeeping, accounts receivables and payables management, payroll processing, tax preparation, book clean up, program set up and training, etc. Our basic bookkeeping starts at $195 per month and i…
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  • We just had our first snow fall in the Minneapolis metro area yesterday morning and it melted shortly thereafter. The melting snow reminds me that time is quickly slipping away and year end is just around the corner. If you are in need of help wrapping up 3rd quarter, the year end financial statements, tax planning, preparing 1099's for vendors, y…
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  • Are you a UK based business using Wave and needing a UK Wave Accountant? Your search may well be over as we are just that. We are experienced with remote working with clients across the UK. With the aid of cloud accounting apps such as Wave, and secure document sharing (eg dropbox, google drive, onedrive) we are as close to you as you are…
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  • UK Accountant open to a "collabarationship" with you! With oodles of experience of working remotely with clients, we're as close to you as you're laptop, computer and/or mobile device. We can hold your hand as often as you need us to. We're happy to meet with you on Skype for an informal chat about what you do and the services you se…
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  • I'm asking this because we have accounts for the founders to keep track of expenses they paid out of pocke as shareholder's loan. Right now when we export it's only showing the description of each line, it would be great if we can see the category assigned to them as well. Is there a way to do this?
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  • Hi, I have tried with different receipts, using the web app or sending an email. In all cases the recepits get uploaded just fine and I can review them and mark them done. But regardless of the payment account select I just cannot get them to show on the transaction ledger. Am I missing something??
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  • Hi, I have been using Wave to log my expenses, and one of the most time-consuming activities are "select a category" and "select a payment account" for each and every receipt every time. The ideal would be that Wave would learn from prior indexing. But a few more simple hacks would help a lot, e.g. the ability to set a default payment account, …
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  • Hi
    An accounting mobile app is sorely missed
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  • Hi Wave Team, How do I go about including transfers, i.e. from one bank account to another in a CSV import? I've attached the template in mind, which is based on the accounting data export CSV template. Appreciate your advice on this, thanks.
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    I would highly request that Wave add more Cash Accounting features / reports, or ultimately, full Cash Accounting support and an option to setup a company that way from the start. I know Wave thinks Accrual Accounting gives a better picture of the businesses financial position, but the majority of your target audience (small business) uses Cash…
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  • Okay so the lonely hearts headline caught your eye, welcome! We're a UK based accountancy practice and have been a part of the Wave Pro Network for well over a year now, having joined to meet the needs of our clients that were already using the product. We are looking now to expand the number of businesses we work with on Wave and look forward…
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  • Hi is wave PCI DSS-certified? This can keep my mind at ease
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  • Hi I'm a CIMA qualified management accountant, I have over 10 years experience, and specialise in small/micro businesses and charitable organisations. Versed in Xero, Sage and Wave accounting software. Based in the UK. Feel free to get in touch if there's anything I can help you with! Susan Binder ACMA CGMA, Xero Certified Advisor Binder Manag…
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  • How does a charge appear on the credit card statement, what will my customer see on their credit card statement?
    gadavidrose 14 views 3 comments Most recent by gadavidrose September 4, 2018 8:08PMAccounting Tips & Advice
  • I have connected my bank to wave and it suppose to recognizes when a specific amount is transferred from "Payments By Wave" account to "Bank" as a WITHDRAWAL and it creates a another transaction to "Bank" account from "Payments By Wave" as DEPOSIT - which is all good. The problem is when I see a REFUND, the transaction is shown only as a one-wa…
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  • I own a business in Australia, but i live in Nicaragua and we have some freelancers that we pay in USD. So i need to be able to enter multiple currencies. I use Wave for my business accounts and it is really easy to do this in the 'Transactions' section: However, i've recently set up a new account and the transaction section is different…
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  • How did you guys determine the fees associated with Wave+ services? As you know some of us use Wave to help manage the bookkeeping for our clients. If we refer them to Wave then we are exposing them to a pricing model for perceived similar service. Because the service is perceived to be similar it may or may not set the discussion of pricing…
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  • When doing a lot of transactions, it would go a LOT quicker if you sorted by name. You could then not think about the fact of what category goes to what transaction the second, third, etc time.
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