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  • I have two accounts - a trust account and an operating account. When I process credit card payments, they go through the operating account and then are transferred to the trust account. These payments are NOT income until I remove them from the trust account when they are earned, which occurs later on . My questions are as follows: 1) How sh…
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  • Hi there, This is my first year with wave and I am just finalising my accounts, I am just checking I have created entries for my starting balances, however when I pull off the account balances report it says all my balances are zero, they should show my entry as the starting balance, not zero, is this correct? Thanks
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  • My bank seems to report "Bill Pay and Date" but it does not specify the payee. This requires going back to my bank statement for each transaction in order to categorize. It would save a lot of time if we could sort by the transaction dollar amount. Then we can manually categorize easily. For example: My auto payment is $462 so if I could sort and …
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  • I am trying to import csv bank statements (just 2-10 records per file), but after i go through the whole process, the records are not showing up in the list of transactions. I tried several times with different files, and no success. Usually this used to work and transactions were visible practically immediately. Something broke?
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  • Hi! In my invoices I need to create a tax code that is being deducted rather than added to the amount outstanding. Can you please guide me? Thank you!
    C_Constructions_1 8 views 2 comments Most recent by Rahim February 14, 2019 8:07PMSales & Invoicing
  • Hi, On dashboard in the box below "Bank Accounts & Credit Cards" it shows £2,266.59 Under Accounts > Transaction in the drop down box it shows £1,973.46 Why are they different?
    snappyfish 18 views 5 comments Most recent by JamieD February 14, 2019 6:13PMAccounting
  • Hello All, I'm running a web Design business out of my house and I'm wondering how much I should be reimbursing myself for internet and cell phone expenses as they're both critical for the business. -Thanks in advance! Curtis
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  • Hi, Please see screenshot, from today 28th Jan. I've had "money in transit" since 1st Jan? This money is already in my bank?
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  • I'm completely new to book-keeping so thank you in advance and sorry if these are stupid questions- 1) If I paid for advertising for my company, and someone paid me for their portion, which I had already paid for, how would you show that? 2) If I receive payment for a project, that's split 50/50 how would I show that in accounting? I've alre…
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  • In the P&L report under sales line, which represents the total revenue my company generated has a wide discrepancy against income collected. I've accounted for slight variance due to credits/refunds, however, this doesn't explain why there can be such a huge difference. I'm off by about $20k.
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  • Hi. I am Marcia Danielson with MD Consulting. I am looking forward to helping small businesses navigate the Wave platform for their bookkeeping needs. I can be reached at [email protected] and will be posting creative entrepreneur solutions on my facebook page,
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  • I have my biz CC and my biz bank account connected to Wave. When I make a purchase using the CC the individual purchases are automatically imported where I can adjust and verify them. Then I pay the CC from my bank account. This is automatically imported as an expense. It's not really an expense, though, as the expense was recorded when I impor…
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  • Folks: I have an asset-based business where I own an asset that is rented out and I receive a settlement statement each month from the management company. I record this through a journal entry to record each month's performance. I've connected my bank accounts, and I end up with all these duplicate entries. As an example, I record an entry on t…
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  • Birkley Accounting specializes in entrepreneurial services in order to relieve the bookkeeping burden a rising business faces. My goal is to help refocus your energy back on advancing your craft. I’m based in Nashville, Tennessee. Not located in Music City? I’ve been a Wave Accounting user since 2012, and remote work is most of my business. www.…
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  • I need to submit my business return to CRA and because my first year was very simple (zero revenue, very few expenses), I don't want to use my accountant for this (I have another business that is much more complicated and he and my bookkeeper use Quickbooks to manage bookkeeping and accounting for that). From what I can tell, Wave doesn't have …
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  • Hi, I'm a sole proprietor, and needing assistance with my bookkeeping. I would like to meet with a professional to make sure I'm on the right track and keep better organized. HELP, please!
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  • Hi! Wave newbie here. On any given week, I have multiple customers--some recurring, some one-time service users. I'm going to set up my repeat customers as a CUSTOMER, but what about my one-timers? Should I create a CUSTOMER sale for them or make a transaction only? To give you an example: In a 5 day work week, I can have up to 25+ customers …
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  • When I verify a receipt, it posts it to accounting, however there is nearly always another transaction there that has automatically imported from my bank account, is there any way to merge these? Otherwise I end up with two transactions with screws with my accounting My work around might just be to disconnect my credit card from Wave as then I'…
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  • dear developer, how can i add opening balance in wave manually .. because i recently transfer from another software and i have all closing balace (balance Sheet) in pdf format but how can i add them in manaually.. and also suggest me that how can i maintain my inventory records in wave.. in case of share trading business... suggest me .. wave is…
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  • Hello, I wondered what I should put a car park ticket as in my expenses? I'm a wedding photographer and had to pay to park at this particular venue. I could only see car insurance, fuel and similar as separate sections. I've just decided to go from my silly spreadsheet to this and am finding it massively helpful already. TIA
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  • Are Waveapps financial statements generated with International Financial Reporting Standards?
    seatiger 19 views 1 comment Most recent by Mikeg December 18, 2018 4:03PMAccounting
  • "I'm trying to account for all the Stripe merchant charges over the year but finding it difficult. I just tried to contact support with the following but got the message "there was an error processing your request please try again later" - not great. Anyway apologies if I'm missing something obvious but this my support request: I'm looking at t…
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  • I'm a UK business working in GBP, but I have some suppliers who bill in USD. I've entered the USD bills OK ($19 a month), and I have matching payment data imported from my bank (via a CSV) However, when I go to the Transactions page and try to "choose a category" > "Payment Sent for a Bill in Wave" any of these bills I select don't "stick" - …
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  • Hello, This may because I am fairly new to Wave's accounting software but something very interesting is happening. I linked a Credit Card to the Wave app because that's what is used for all business expenses other than expenses that need to be drafted from a checking account. When the expenses come through, I categorize them as appropriate (…
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  • Hi there! I own several properties and I employ a property manager. The PM collects the rent, they take their percentage and then cut me a check for the rest. My question is how do/should I track that in the WavesApp? Since the app is linked to my bank, the transaction is good but not sure how I should add PM Fees. Example: Rent: $500…
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  • Don’t let your bookkeeping or government requirements distract you from running your business! We prepare double-entry accounting records from receipts, or client records. From these records we prepare interim financial statements upon request, and year-end financial statements and income tax returns, both personal and corporate. All of our syste…
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  • Many of my receipts might have multiple categories within a single receipt. I was surprised that I can't create multiple 'split' categories while editing a receipt. The only way I could seem to do that is to select a single category then go edit the transaction splitting it for the multiple categories. Would be nice if it could be done directly…
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  • Skills / Services: • Accounts payable / Accounts receivable • Bank account reconciliation • Bookkeeping • Budgeting • Creating and distributing invoices • Customer / Client account set up • Customer / Client expense entry • Data entry • Financial record keeping • Inventory management • Management of accounts …
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  • I am in the resort scuba diving business. So for one i work with online hotel agents like, and I also work with my own online travel agency for my own bookings. I had an idea of using Assets (Money in Transit) for these things. This because i get paid on a monthly basis from the hotel agents. And also a lot of…
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  • Whether you're a freelancer, contractor, startup or small business, we offer complete accounting and taxation experience that fits your lifestyle with unlimited support. Why not visit our website for more information and book an appointment to discuss your goal.
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