How To Move Multiple Transactions From One Account To A Different Account (Personal to Business)?

Just_MarkJust_Mark Member Posts: 1

Several hundred of my business income transactions are erroneously showing up in my personal profile.

Is there a way to batch move NUMEROUS transactions from this personal Account in to the appropriate Business Account(s)?

I only see a way to do them one at a time (using the dropdown menu on the far right hand side).

If I check the checkbox, there doesn't seem a way to move them to my Business profile and the appropriate business category.

I am using firefox... maybe chrome would work better???

Thanks in advance.


  • James_HudsonJames_Hudson Administrator Posts: 128 admin

    Hi @Just_Mark , I'm afraid it's not possible to migrate several transactions at a time from one profile in Wave to another.

    Because migrating one at a time requires a lot of manual work, I'd recommend instead uploading a statement containing the transactions that went to the wrong profile, and, once they've been added to the right profile, deleting the superfluous transactions.

    I'd also recommend checking to makes sure that your connections settings are set up correctly. Head over to "Banking" > "Bank Connections" and click the edit button next to each connection to ensure that everything is importing correctly.

  • madkochmadkoch Member Posts: 3

    Hi -- I'd like to second Just_Mark's plea for a way to move transactions in batches. I am a sole proprietor and use my bank accounts and credit cards (all of which are connected to my Wave account) for both personal and business, so I have to move transactions from my business account to my personal one all the time. It's extremely tedious and time consuming to have to move things one by one.

  • EricAtMeditateBetterEricAtMeditateBetter Member Posts: 0

    Me, too. I'd love to grow to the point that I have separate accounts. At that point, I'll be able to pay for Wave payroll, too! In the meantime, like others, I have one set of bank accounts! I use the credit card strictly for business, but checking and the line-of-credit are used for both. [Note: I didn't even know that "personal" was an option, when I signed up. It would have been good to know that.]

    Ideally, I'd click "Personal" in the Business account to move a transaction to the Personal Account, and I'd categorize it there. Similarly, I'd click "Business" when reviewing transactions in the Personal account. So each account would show only uncategorized transactions and categorized transactions in that account.

    Do things work that way? I'm not sure. Should I connect the same bank accounts to both business and personal Wave accounts? I'm not sure. Is it even possible to do that? I don't know, but I guess I'll find out. Will that cause problems? Guess I'll find that out, too.

    Bottom line: It would be good know going in that both personal business accounts are possible, and to have some idea how to set them up and use them, for us "solopreneurs" who are operating on a shoestring!

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