Sept. 7-10 2018: transaction import issues for receipts, bank connections, CSVs

CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 671 admin

Hello everyone,

You may notice that I've gone ahead and moved ahead and moved some of your other conversations here. This is because we've received a handful of reports regarding issues that sounded dissimilar, but were actually related.

This morning our engineers identified an issue that occurred over the weekend, beginning September 7th, that impacted bank statement transaction imports, automated bank connection transaction imports, and transactions created for receipts that were uploaded and posted to accounting. You may have noticed that during this period of time transactions failed to be created using these methods.

Here's what you need to know:

We have investigated, diagnosed, and resolved this issue.

Bank statement uploads: Transactions that failed to be uploaded via the statement upload tool will not be re-imported. You can attempt to upload your statement again, and you should be successful. Transactions that you previously attempted to upload via a bank statement upload will not be duplicated.

Receipts posted to accounting: Receipts that you attempted to post to accounting that did not successfully create transactions will be imported. They may take 24-48 hours to appear.

Bank transaction import: Bank transactions will be automatically imported when you refresh your account. These may also take 24-48 hours to appear.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

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  • toniloutonilou Member Posts: 5

    Hi, I have been using Wave for 6 months with no problem, basically to scan receipts from iOS and have them posted fir end of month reporting.

    Today I found a problem. I have two receipts that, not matter how many times I upload, never show up as transactions. All other scanned receipts appear on transactions, as always.

    I suspect some error linked to deleted receipts and transactions (I needed to delete them from the web due to an error), but I need to re-upload the receipts and get them properly displayed in accounting.

  • WR_KenWR_Ken Member Posts: 1

    Bank Connections failed to update for more than 3 days. Had try the Edit Bank Credentials and still not helping. Pls help

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi, @tonilou,

    Can you tell me a bit more about those two receipts in particular? What accounts are they linked to? Could you share screenshots of the details of those receipts? Do they appear in your account transactions report for the Payment account you used?

  • Ta121Ta121 Member Posts: 3

    @Alexia I am having the exact same problem (this is for my business profile, not personal profile). None of my verified receipts (status = Done) create expense transactions. I have tried putting them into various different accounts/categories (Owner Investment / Drawings, Checking, Cash on Hand), but no expense transactions are created (checking in Accounting->Transactions).
    I've also checked the general ledger for these accounts, and I don't see any expense transactions for these receipts there either.

  • pinkowlpinkowl Member Posts: 4

    I am having the same issues.

    I have tried everything suggested in this thread.

    Very frustrating

  • pinkowlpinkowl Member Posts: 4

    It keeps saying there are duplicates transactions but there are no transactions for this date range when I do a search or try to reconcile that month

  • powerhousepowerhouse Member Posts: 0

    Since the update, I click to update the bank feed and it says successful and the balance changes in wave, but when i go to transactions the transactions are not feeding through and the balance shows as incorrect? I need this fixed asap!

  • howie_215howie_215 Member Posts: 6

    @Alexia , the same problem is happening to my account, my receipts are not appearing as transactions as they normally did.

  • NobleSANobleSA Member Posts: 2

    My bank is connected & the transaction were loading, but have stopped. I reloaded the page several times, logged in and out, updated the connection, deleted the connection and reconnected. None of these things have helped.

  • AJATLAJATL Member Posts: 0

    My bank account balance on the dashboard matches the bank's online balance, but the transactions are not showing up. What do I need to do, or should I just wait for them to show up eventually?

    PayPal also not syncing lately. Sometimes there is a delay, or I update the transaction reporting period, but not working right now

  • adamdaviskyhadamdaviskyh Member Posts: 2

    @Alexia same problem for me. The last several receipts show up in receipts section but not in transactions. I emailed support with no response. This is a big frustration. Any ideas what has happened? I have uploaded tons of receipts with no issues up until this week. Please advise.

  • Briar_1Briar_1 Member Posts: 6

    Hi, I have captured a number of receipts via the app and I have posted to accounting but I cannot see them in transactions or as expenses in the P&L. I've seen that this issue was raised before on the forum but linked with the fact that the expenses are posted to the equity owner account. My expenses are linked with Cash on hand. Not sure what the next step would be? Thank you,

  • Briar_1Briar_1 Member Posts: 6

    Hi, I've got issues with a csv upload. It seems to be working and I receive a message "your transactions are being imported from your bank statement. Please check back in a few minutes". It's been a long time and nothing happens. No transactions are being uploaded. Can you please help?

  • w2cwindowcleaningw2cwindowcleaning Member Posts: 0

    I uploaded about 30 + receipts, categorized them and saved them. Not until I was done did I learn that Wave changed the way it allows to upload receipts and that all receipts coded to an equity account will not show. My questions is, do I really have to start over and upload all 30+ receipts again so they will show in the accounting app? I am hoping they can be found somewhere on the accounting app.

  • Lily3678Lily3678 Member Posts: 2

    I'm having the same problem with both CVS and directly from the bank connections. No transactions....very frustrating.. first time using WAVE

  • Briar_1Briar_1 Member Posts: 6

    I've added a screenshot just in case.

  • cyphix333cyphix333 Member Posts: 39 ✭✭

    Getting the same issue and is exactly why I came to the forum - so it's interesting to see others are having the same problem. I have tried to post it to accounting several times with no luck - in the past I have had no issues.

  • WhiteRockWhiteRock Member Posts: 1

    Just starting out and I am having the same problem

  • profprof Member Posts: 1

    Same problem for me won't retrieve transactions from my bank although it connects. So tried to upload CSV file which it seems to do, but then the transactions are not visible anywhere. Extremely frustrating!!

  • CoffeeShopCoffeeShop Member Posts: 3

    Same problem here, but only since 7 September. Glad to see that so many are having the same issue. Hope it will be sorted out soon, such a great programme!

  • AladdinAladdin Member Posts: 2

    Hi, I was able to import my bank statement when I first used Wav (06/09/2018), two days later I tried to import more data for later dates (8 transactions only), it failed (saying wait for a few minutes) but it didn't import I tried to import it again and I got a message saying that these records already exist if you import it will be duplicated I pressed OK but no records were imported and I had to enter them manually (as I couldn't see the twice imported records), today I have created another account for another business and tried to import data and I got the same response. can you please advise.

  • Briar_1Briar_1 Member Posts: 6

    Can you please post on the main page and not in my thread?

  • Briar_1Briar_1 Member Posts: 6

    @Alexia, hi - the same problem for me! Only have started with Waveapps and my uploaded receipts are not showing in Transactions (most of which linked with the Cash on Hand). Similarly I have uploaded bank statement, even though it seems successful - there are no transactions showing in Waveapps.

  • PhysicalPrintsPhysicalPrints Member Posts: 1

    @Alexia Same here, cant upload to personal or business with any account or category

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  • topnotchtopnotch Member Posts: 2

    Same! new as of last night, need 3 months of reports by tomorrow! NONE of the >50 receipts that I've entered thus far are showing up in accounting. Yet, they are all "done" and should be posted to accounting. I hope I didn't make a poor decision in choosing this program for our business, and waste hours of time inputting info that I will need to re-enter to another program that is fully functional in order to create the reports for Monday afternoon appointment.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 671 admin

    Hi @Ta121 @howie_215 @adamdaviskyh @cyphix333 @WhiteRock @CoffeeShop @Briar_1 @PhysicalPrints @topnotch thanks for taking the time to reach out and report the issues you are experiencing. Before we can proceed, I'd like to ask for some details to confirm whether we're dealing with one issue or multiple issues that just sound similar.

    When you have a moment, could you please confirm:

    • Where you uploaded the receipts (email attachment, web, mobile - please confirm iOS or Android)
    • Have you recently updated your email address in Wave?
    • Did this issue just begin to occur? When did you first notice this?
    • Did you attempt to upload multiple receipts at one time? If so, approximately how many?
    • Can you see the receipts in Wave? In the web application or in the mobile app? If yes, is the only apparent issue that transactions were not created for a receipt that was successfully uploaded and verified?
    • If possible, please include specific details for a receipt in your account that is an example of this issue (such as a screenshot, the associated account, and the approximate date and time of upload)

    Thank you all very much for your patience so far, and in advance for any detail you are able to provide.

  • topnotchtopnotch Member Posts: 2

    Started for me last night, I uploaded multiple from my android phone,, I can view them on the computer under receipts, but they aren't reflected any place else, such as in transactions or on any reports. I've proceeded to upload all of my receipts (there are many) in hopes that eventually this will be fixed and my numbers will balance out. Again, I'm new to this, so it is a relief knowing that I'm not alone. Thank you .

  • adamdaviskyhadamdaviskyh Member Posts: 2

    @Charlotte here are the details requested:

    • I uploaded all of the receipts from the iOS mobile receipts app
    • I have not recently updated my email address in wave
    • The issue has just begun, I noticed it on Friday (9/7)
    • I often do a few receipts at a time in the receipts app. I add the pictures and then once they have processed I will go back in an enter the details before saving and then posting to accounting. I added about 6 receipts back to back on Friday and then tried a single one on Saturday with no success
    • I can see the receipts in wave, both in the app in the "done" tab and in the "receipts" section of the web application. The only issue seems to be that the receipts are not creating transactions like they normally would even though they are successfully uploaded and verified.
    • I have included a screenshot showing all of the receipts. The top seven in the list are the ones that have not appeared in the transactions list as of yet. These were mostly uploaded on Friday (9/7) around 7-8pm, the other was Saturday around 1pm.

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  • cyphix333cyphix333 Member Posts: 39 ✭✭


    • I uploaded them from the Web.
    • Have not recently updated my email.
    • I believe it just started
    • Just one at a time
    • Yes I can see them, the only issue is they aren't posting to accounting/transactions.
    • Was attempting to upload them about 24 - 30 hours ago. Screenshot attached.Screenshot

    Btw..... this is a screenshot of one I didn't attempt to post to accounting, as I deleted the ones that failed, so maybe this isn't so helpful then?

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  • johnmavjohnmav Member Posts: 1

    @charlotte - Thanks for diving in on this, seem to have the same issue. I assume that you tech/dev team can look at the txns as well as something seems to have changed to have caused what worked before to no longer function the same way.

    For myself though, here is the back story: Have been using Wave since early spring 2018 and have used the same process for uploading receipts from Android App since early summer. There has been to issue until today. I used the app to image and upload my August Receipts. I then used the Wave website through a chrome browser on a Win 10 machine to properly update each transaction with the proper account detail and posted the txn. This is the same process I used for the previous two moths. Everything worked except the Receipts are not Posting as Transactions in the Acct system

    For the rest of your questions

    Where you uploaded the receipts (email attachment, web, mobile - please confirm iOS or Android)


    Have you recently updated your email address in Wave?


    Did this issue just begin to occur? When did you first notice this?

    See Above

    Did you attempt to upload multiple receipts at one time? If so, approximately how many?

    Yes - they all uploaded fine and I was able to update them without issue to the status Done - the issue is that they are not posting

    Can you see the receipts in Wave?


    In the web application or in the mobile app?


    If yes, is the only apparent issue that transactions were not created for a receipt that was successfully uploaded and verified?

    Yes - it is the only 'issue' but it is a biggee.

    If possible, please include specific details for a receipt in your account that is an example of this issue (such as a screenshot, the associated account, and the approximate date and time of upload)

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