Permission Denied - Personal account > Settings

barrytbarryt Member Posts: 31

I am trying to export my data for backup purposes. Export went OK for one company, but when I swap to Personal account and press settings, I get a page with error 403 and a wipe out message saying I don't have permission to that page.
Anyway to fix that?


  • EnsignBellaRoEnsignBellaRo Member Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Hey, @barryt! I think it's because when you click on Settings from the Dashboard, Wave tries to send you to the invoice customization page (which doesn't exist for the personal page). It should work if you go to the Transactions page before moving to your settings.

    If I'm right, that programming course I took last year came in handy eventually!

  • barrytbarryt Member Posts: 31

    That worked. Thanks!

  • EnsignBellaRoEnsignBellaRo Member Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Perfect! Have a good one, @barryt.

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