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I am using a custom engine to generate invoices for my business. I would like to attach generated invoices PDFs to my Wave invoices and send those PDFs to my customers. Is there any chance for this to be supported?

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    Hi, @Bogdan.

    It isn't currently possible to do this in Wave. I'd love to have more information on exactly what you're looking for.

    Would this be for a document that accompanies the invoices created in Wave, or replaces it entirely?

    If it's the former, what kind of information would your client find on there? Is there something you find is missing from our own invoices?

    If it's the latter, do you have any comments or complaints about our invoice templates? We're always looking to improve what we have to offer and feedback from our users is the best way for us to learn what you need.

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    Hi @Alexia,

    Wave templates are good, they provide most of the necessary information. But they are not customizable to the full extent. It is still a hard-coded layout / set of building blocks. I would like my invoices to be fully custom, with styling which is not possible to achieve in general purpose templates. What other services do in this case, they provide user with a possibility to upload a template document in one of the common formats (like docx). Users are free to create whatever styling and layout they prefer, and put the placeholders which are then substituted by the software with the information provided in the invoice.
    But it would be great to at least to be able to upload externally generated invoice and use it instead of Wave-generated.

    Another aspect (which I did not mention in the initial post) is maybe not that common, but my customers request additional information to be provided along with the invoice. I am missing a possibility to attach additional files to the invoice email.

    And finally, again not sure how many people are facing the same issue, receiving invoice as an email body is not convenient for my customers. They need to store/pass on the invoice to different departments/partners, and it is just much more convenient to do this with a pdf attachment than with the email body.

    To sum up, features I am missing are:

    • possibility to attach additional files to the invoice email
    • invoice styling customization
      ** either a possibility to replace Wave-generated invoice with a pdf file
      ** or a possibility to provide docx template that Wave will use for invoice pdf generation

    • possibility to send an email with arbitrary text body and invoice as a pdf attachment.

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    Thanks for following up with more feedback, @Bogdan!

    It isn't currently possible to add additional attachments to Wave's invoices, but there has been a lot of requests for similar features, generally for adding copies of receipts to be reimbursed.

    As for attaching a copy of the invoice as a PDF, that's something Wave can do! When you send out an invoice, just check this checkbox:

    Thanks again for taking the time to write this out! We know how precious the time of business owners is and we take your feedback very seriously.

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    Thanks for the tip, @Alexia !

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    No problem!

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