How Often Are Transactions Updated from Connected Bank Accounts?

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I'm very new to Wave and evaluating it. Sorry, but I'm not finding any explanations using search or browsing the various resources.

I'm trying to get a sense for how often transactions will be updated for the banks I've connected to it. I don't see anything explained about how often Wave will import those transactions.

Of concern to me is I've been to the bank connection page and clicked the "update now" link for accounts, it says (enthusiastically) "You've successfully updated!" or something to that effect, and yet nothing changes. It even continues to report that it was last updated some time before, even though I had updated it only moments ago. I check and see that my bank has new transactions since the last reported update and they are not imported into Wave.

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    Hi @Beanorama, we've outlined some of the issues you may experience with your bank connection in the pinned post at the top of the community homepage. Additionally, we've dedicated a section of our Help Centre to help you troubleshoot these issues:

    Ideally, your transactions would update in something resembling real time, or within 24 hours or so after they post to your bank. Credit cards may take longer. To reiterate, we appreciate that this is frustrating but these are the bank connection issues over which Wave does not actually have control, as we work with a third-party data provider to connect your bank. They are the global leader in this service, and regrettably other users and programs experience similar issues.

    In terms of troubleshooting there are several steps you can take, like clearing your cache, disconnecting and reconnecting again. You'll find more detailed information in the link above.

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