Duplicate transaction issue for some Wave users



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    @angel4thewin it sounds like this may be related. We'll keep you posted and dive into this issue if it persists as soon as we have a resolution for the larger issue. Thank you for flagging it!

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    Another update to the first post. Thanks again.

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    @Charlotte After your recent downtime, I seem to be missing journal transaction data from 06/21-22 onward. When I originally opened the journal transactions, they were blank. I was able to reenter some of the data, but the system completely re-formats the order in which I input the data upon saving. I noticed this first by seeing missing transactions when browsing the balance sheet report.

    Also, when I click the delete journal transaction button, I see the pop-up notification asking to confirm the deletion. However, when I click to confirm the deletion, nothing happens.

    Please get back to me as soon as you can; this is causing major issues.

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    @Charlotte just deleted a transaction and noticed the problem persists.. reports and transactions dont match... woops :'( Scary as I need to present the figures tonight

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    i have some problem in accounting button. When i click the button, it error

    anybody can help me

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    @Charlotte thank you, everything was restored to normal. some entries were deleted. but nothing we couldn't fix.

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    @annoyed you should now be able to delete transactions normally - thank you for catching that! Those other issues don't sound related to the steps we've taken, but we'll need to dig a little bit. Can you let us know what browser you are using and if you have any extensions enabled? If this persists using Chrome without extensions, I'd recommend clearing your cache and cookies. Please let me know if this is ongoing.

    @angel4thewin @joey this maintenance and the fix we implemented would have only cleared erroneous (duplicate) transactions in your reports and not altered any preexisting entries. Could you give us a little bit more detail and, if possible, an example screenshot or two?

    Thanks so much - looking forward to your replies.

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    @Charlotte I resolved the issue manually last night.

    I'm now running into a different issue where the system rearranges the line item order inside a specific journal transaction. I generally account for all debits first, then credits. However, I've noticed some journal transactions will be completely rearranged after I save them (typically alternating --- credit; debit; credit; debit) instead of remaining in the original order that I created them in.

    I just tested this in both chrome and firefox (both w/o extensions), and the problem persists.

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    @Charlotte I did not do a screenshot before, so hard to explain. Am in the midst of deleting all transactions done these past few days and adding them back. Seems like an easier solution and corrects the error. Still halfway thru, but so far looks good. the figures for the invoices are ok now. am going to work on the receipts

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    Hi, @annoyed.

    Lines in journal transactions in the old version of Wave always re-arrange themselves in the same order as the accounts appear on your Chart of Accounts. While there's no way for you to get around this right now, the new version of Wave lets you arrange those journal entry items however you want.

    We're working on migrating everyone to the new version within the next few months, so stay tuned! It's coming!

    Happy to hear things are looking better, @joey.

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    @Alexia. Thanks for the reply.

    That's strange because the first time I ever noticed any rearranging of the lines in the journal entries was after your recent down time.

    I have a journal entry from the 06/22 that was rearranged upon saving with the account "Owner's Equity" at the top (even when Owner's Equity is at the bottom of my chart of accounts list.

    Another example from the 06/27 where a revenue account was rearranged and moved up above the "cash drawer" account (even when the cash drawer account...and further, all asset accounts....are above all the income/revenue accounts in the chart of accounts.

    All my previous journal entries before 6/21 are saved exactly as I ordered them. Only some of the journal entries from that day forward have been rearranged.

    Either I'm missing something or I suggest you all take a closer look into what's going on.

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    Hi, @annoyed.

    I'll absolutely look into it. The order might also be set as the order the accounts were created in. It's often how items are ordered in the older version of Wave.

    Would you mind sending me some screenshots of those older journal entries via private message, as well as a screenshot of your Chart of Accounts for comparison? It'll give me better documentation to best present this off to our developers.

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    Hi @Alexia

    I noticed something but am currently tied up and dont have a chance to confirm again what i think i saw. The other day, i deleted a receipt. Upon generating reports, i noticed the deleted receipt's amount was not deleted. Happen to pop into the transaction listing screen, and walla... saw the deleted receipt entry still there! but when I went into the receipt module, the receipt no longer exist. I deleted the transaction in the transaction list. Checked the GL and the income statement, and finally, the figures were correct. Could there be like a broken link somewhere? I am guessing it is the same with the problem with the invoices that were deleted.

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    Hi, @joey.

    When you validate a receipt on Wave, the transaction created exists on its own from then on. Deleting the receipt will not delete the transaction, as the two of them now exist independently.

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    I am still seeing a lot of my transactions duplicated some times as many as 2-3 times.

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    Hi, @KyleWalker.

    This issue is from back in June and was resolved. You might be dealing with something different. Can you tell me more about those duplicated transactions? Are they coming from a specific bank connection? Are those duplicates on your transactions page or on a specific report?

  • KyleWalkerKyleWalker Member Posts: 6

    On the transactions page. I haven’t run any reports yet.

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    Hi, @KyleWalker.

    I'll still need more information to be able to help. Were those uploaded through a bank connection or entered manually? Could you share screenshots of some of those duplicates (with any personal information obfuscated)?

    If you have an active bank connection and are also recording payments to invoices or bills, or entering receipts, the transactions from your invoices, bills and receipts won't automatically consolidate with the ones uploaded from your bank. You can merge them by selecting both transactions and clicking the "Merge" button that'll appear on the top left of your transactions table.

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    Hi, I do not know if this is monitored with the last post being in June and the message beiung that this issue was fixed; however, it is January and I am having this issue with all purchased made with the credit card that is attached to the account.

    please help, it makes it difficult to both spending time in the platform

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hi @VeloxGuy. To confirm, this is happening when you are creating a bill in Wave and then the actual withdrawal coming out of your account, is that correct? I just want to get some further understanding of what happens with the duplicates here -- if this is the case, you will simply just need to merge these transactions together.

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    Was this problem fixed.. I am experiencing it

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    Hey @Oscar . This hasn't changed as it is a result of having an active Bank Connection as well as a mix of a few other Wave functions. If you further detail what you're seeing duplicates for and when they appear, we can offer you some insight into why it's happening as well as give you a workflow to make everything easier for bookkeeping! Let us know.

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    @Charlotte - Is this related to a bug I experienced repeatedly between June 30 and July 3?

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @chriswayg This would be an isolated incident as we haven't had multiple reports of this happening -- please take a look at the reply I made on your original post.

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    Pretty much all my Wave Payments transactions for transfers to my bank account that occurred in 2020 are duplicated. As they are from the Wave Payments account, I cannot delete the duplicates. Please help.

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    Hey @gtams , these look like transactions that are created by the system when your bank imports in your payout deposit, thus transferring the funds that were in Wave Payments to your bank account. There could be a numb er of reasons for this, but we'll need our Support team to investigate and possibly collaborate on your account to take a further look. For that reason, can you submit a ticket to our Support team so they can take a further look at what's going on here?


  • fidofido Member Posts: 16

    @AlexL The exact same thing that happened to @gtams has happened to me too. All my transactions were already allocated a couple of weeks ago, so I don't think it's an isolated issue. Now all my transactions allocated to invoices, for 2020, are duplicated (but those not allocated)!
    I'm not in the US so no longer have a bank feed. I really hope Wave will provide support to at least resolve the screw up of my data so I can move it elsewhere without spending ages merging all my 2020 transactions first. The whole dropping of clients has been so poorly handled and left thousands in the lurch. Now this.

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  • gtamsgtams Member Posts: 6

    @AlexL Thank you for your reply. I have contacted Support and have a ticket open (I think -- there's no ticket #). However, I have been going back and forth with them trying to convince them that these transactions are actually duplicates and should not be there. They seem to think that it's simply a matter of them being categorized incorrectly. I'm really concerned that the people on your Support Team (1st level at least) really don't understand your product and the basic concepts of balancing books. Last week I asked to have the issue escalated, but have not received any response. I'm not sure what to do next.

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    Hey @fido , can you provide screenshots of exactly what you're seeing? Because you said you're seeing numerous duplicated transactions, can you provide 2-3 different situations? Also, you said you moved so you no longer have bank connection access, have these duplicates stopped? What's the period of time where you have duplicates? Let us know.

    Hey @gtams , I'm not seeing any support tickets under your email address. Can you send me the email you use in Wave as well as the subject line of the ticket in DMs and I can look it up to see what's going on?

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