Sending Invoices to multiple emails

MarkSmithR9009MarkSmithR9009 Member Posts: 2


Is it possible to send one invoice to several different email addresses at the same time, via the iPhone app? I have a new customer that requires a copy of all invoices be sent to other departments. Is it possible to set this up within the customer tab, so it happens automatically every time?





  • pikepike Member Posts: 1

    I'm looking for the same info. Doesn't need to be on the app for me, just on the web.

  • SophiaSophia Administrator Posts: 147 admin

    Hi @MarkSmithR9009 @pike currently we don't have the functionality to save multiple email addresses per customer, but you can always add additional addresses by using the plus sign in the "send invoice" pop-up to add up to 10 more email addresses :)

  • VGTechVGTech Member Posts: 1

    Is this facility planned?

  • ycpangycpang Member Posts: 2

    I strongly agree with this especially when it can be done for both new and recurring invoices. Most of the time, secondary email play a very important role in invoicing because recipient can receive the invoice if it doesn't reach them via primary email address. Or it would be even better if there can be add for secondary billing contact person.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thank you, @VGTech and @ycpang, for adding your voices to this thread.

    We can clearly see that there's a fair bit of demand for this feature. Although it isn't something that you can currently do on Wave, know that feedback from our users has a significant role in how we choose which features to build for Wave.

    Can you tell us specific and concrete examples of how you would a feature like this one? It'll give us a better idea of your needs.

  • leemarquisleemarquis Member Posts: 6

    I really need to have multiple addresses per customer as well so that when I generate an invoice it automatically sends it to both addresses. For example, many of my customers want their invoice sent to them as well as to their 'accounts person' so that they can see the invoice come in and also so they know their accounts dept has a copy to act on. It is very frustrating to have to look up the extra email address for each customer for each invoice and manually add each time!

  • YoavYoav Member Posts: 2

    +1. Would be really great to add multiple addresses to a customer's account info such that all future invoices would be sent to all addresses. I have the exact same scenario as @leemarquis - client would like accounts payable to be CCed on all invoices.

  • chaijxiongchaijxiong Member Posts: 2

    For my business, I'm required to email to the manager and invoice/billing department. I have to export to PDF and email via Hotmail. This should be a default feature since all email applications have that ability.

  • RobSmithLDRobSmithLD Member Posts: 2

    +1 Multiple people need to receive the same invoice in order for payment to be processed by some clients.

  • HighSeasHighSeas Member Posts: 1

    I also need to send my invoices to multiple people and it would be very handy if you could save two email addresses for a customer and it would automatically send to both. Thank you.

  • BrettBrett Member Posts: 3

    +1 for multiple recipients. Quickbooks has Wave on this one. CC in QB and kinda necessary in Wave to improve usefulness. Any status?

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi @Brett.

    Thank you for your feedback. You can send invoices to multiple recipients, you just need to add the email in manually as a CC when you send out the invoice. So while it isn't possible to link multiple emails to one customer, it's still possible to do this in Wave.

    While I can't promise that this feature will be built, I can tell you that we do really value your feedback. It has a real impact on how we choose what we do next with Wave, so thank you again.

  • CamanderCamander Member Posts: 6

    Hello Alexia - more requests on this topic. Could you just accept multiple emails in the account setup separated with a "," or a ";" like google or outlook?

  • xpresstranxpresstran Member Posts: 1

    I would like to also request saving this feature. It is sometimes a pain to remember and/or lookup all the email addresses that my customers require invoices copied to. It would be much easier if they could be saved in the customer file.


  • awisechoiceawisechoice Member Posts: 1

    +1 for this feature. Client wants invoice to go to their finance person, but client also wants a copy. Manually adding emails to each invoice is OK; being able to save multiple emails by customer would be even better. Thanks for listening!

  • dianadiana Member Posts: 1

    @Sophia said:
    Hi @MarkSmithR9009 @pike currently we don't have the functionality to save multiple email addresses per customer, but you can always add additional addresses by using the plus sign in the "send invoice" pop-up to add up to 10 more email addresses :)

    When I am in the Wave app for iphone after I hit "send invoice" it brings me to another screen where there is not a spot to add another email address. It autopopulates the one address I selected as the customer and CCing is not an option.
    How do you send it to multiple people?

  • UrbanMuseWriterUrbanMuseWriter Member Posts: 1

    Hi, adding email manually is not a great solution because it should be automated for efficiency. Plus, some of my clients require that several people be CC'ed on an invoice so that one person can approve, which means manually adding emails and sending individually won't work. Instead, I have to download the PDF and send via Gmail.

  • patpending74patpending74 Member Posts: 9

    +1 for this, more often than not I need to invoice the client and cc their accounts department

  • petrgazarovpetrgazarov Member Posts: 1
  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thanks, everyone, for adding your voice to this discussion!

  • ThereseTherese Member Posts: 14

    I agree with all the earlier comments - we have travel agents that need the invoices sent to the sales as well as the accounts department and sometimes the even to two different addresses. Manually adding a cc is OK, but as the others have said, I don't know the mails by heart and will have to look them up which means leaving wave, going into gmail and finding the correct address.
    Thanks for looking into this request.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thank you @Therese for adding to this conversation. I can imagine how frustrating it can be to have to hunt down all the appropriate addresses.

  • TechConnect_JCTechConnect_JC Member Posts: 3

    +1 to this request of saving multiple emails for a Customer when sending Invoices.
    Many of our clients have requested we send invoices to both the Owner (sometimes multiple co-Owners) as well as the Office Manager / Accounting / AR person.
    Manually adding additional email addresses is tedious and time-consuming.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Thanks for your feedback, @TechConnect_JC.

    We do love to find ways to save time for our Wavers!

  • JohnSimJohnSim Member Posts: 1

    +1 Totally agree on this feature. I'm right now hunting for an email address I need to send to. Would be so much easier to have it saved and automatically populated when sending.

  • fasfas Member Posts: 10

    I have several customers who need copies to more than one address, and I have to remember to add them manually currently. No need for a grand solution like multiple contacts, just allowing "email, email, ..." in the existing contact email field would be sufficient for me.

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @JohnSim and @fas.

    Thank you for adding your voices to this discussion!

  • CristenCristen Member Posts: 1

    Is there a way to view the multiple email addresses an invoice has been sent to, to make sure everyone was included that was supposed to be?

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi, @Cristen.

    Not currently, no. The email addresses of additional recipients aren't stored in Wave. You could add the additional recipients as a note on the invoice itself to have a record of it, or even in the email sent with the invoice, which you could also send to yourself. These alternatives aren't exactly ideal, but they still might help.

  • SkySky Member Posts: 1

    +1 for this feature. Usually, my clients require that I CC multiple people to keep everyone in the loop.

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