New JPMorgan Credit Card - transactions show as income instead of expense - Old cards unaffected.

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Multiple folks are reporting that their new JP Morgan credit card is showing charges as income instead of expenses. This is only affecting NEW cards - existing cards are unaffected.

Please see additional folks reporting on this older thread:

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    I have my Credit Card with SunTrust now Truist automatically importing transactions and since Nov. 2021 the transactions switched and are now importing as income rather than expenses
  • AceVMPAceVMP Member Posts: 4

    Chatted with Wave Customer support about this today... their response

    "Sorry for the wait, It looks like this is an issue with the connection between Plaid and your credit card provider. Unfortunately the only thing I can recommend is to delete your credit card connection and try reconnecting it again to see if that solves the problem.

    You can delete the connection by heading to Banking > Connected Accounts, locating the credit card and clicking the trash icon to the right of it. When you re-connect it, please be sure to select the "import from" date to be the same date you delete the connection to avoid duplicate transactions from importing"

    I haven't yet taken the time to do it but I'll update if it works

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