Feature Request: Time Tracking -> Invoice

AmeliaOAmeliaO Member Posts: 2

Hi! Don't know if this has been requested yet, but I think it would be really useful if there was a feature or integration with something like Toggl that could track my time on a client project and then send that time to an invoice on projects that I charge hourly for.


  • Shark70Shark70 Member Posts: 6

    Time tracking would be a game-changer for me and so many other consultants out there who charge by the hour. "Time & Expenses" would be ideal. Even a BASIC time tracker would be nice. If we could have an import option that would allow us to export from a solution such as Clockify™ or Toggl®. The columns could be "Client ID", "Project", "Task", "Hours", "Rate". Something like this. Then we can import these into Wave™ and apply them to invoices. I've tried the time tracking feature in Bungaloo or whatever that solution is that you integrate with and it's not very intuitive.

    And by the way, THANK YOU for creating a FREE accounting system that does so much. This really is a "disruptive" solution that gives small businesses without a large budget a full-fledged accounting system that is EASY to use, functional, and so much more! I'll probably sign up for your payroll offering in 2022 - I just want to make sure it gives me reports I need. Currently using SurePayroll®.

  • AndyRAndyR Member Posts: 3

    Hi all. I'm thinking about building a mobile app (iOS / Android) for time tracking as I'm also in need of this feature for my consulting business. As we do web and mobile app development, we could definitely build something. I'm wondering if we do, would your company be interested in helping fund the cost to develop and then use it for free? Let me know your thoughts! You can reach me direct at [email protected]

  • brownjabrownja Member Posts: 1

    Another consultant, another vote for time tracking, and maybe bump this to top of whatever queue these things go onto.

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