Bug? Creating a customer in Spain, select State as "Madrid" and won't save

FixItDikFixItDik Member Posts: 8

I have a new customer in Spain, I filled in their full address and clicked Save but the button just disabled and nothing happened. After a bit of trial and error I narrowed it down to the State field - if I fill in everything else but leave that un-selected then the customer details are saved - as soon as I select "Madrid" from the list and click Save it simply disables the button and does nothing - I suspect this is a bug (hence mentioning that in the subject title) but would be interested in your thoughts?

My work around is to type Madrid in the City and combine the first 2 lines of the address (so his city then goes in the second line of address) and that'll be fine for now but I couldn't find any way to report the issue other than raise it here, sorry.


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