Upcoming support changes

Siobhan_HitchmoughSiobhan_Hitchmough Administrator Posts: 19 admin

Beginning August 30, 2021, Wave support will become self-serve for customers using only our Invoicing and/or Accounting software, with help available in our Help Center and through our chatbot, Mave. Payments, Payroll, Money, and Advisors users will continue to have access to email and live chat support, as well as the Help Center.

Are there changes to the Wave Community?

As of August 30, 2021, the Wave Community will be moving to an unmoderated model. It’s important to note that for authoritative answers you’ll want to stick to our self-service tools—our chatbot, Mave, and our Help Centre—which we will continue to update. However, you can still post your questions here so other Wave users can share their solutions too.

How to get support in Wave

Why are there different levels of support for people who use different parts of Wave?

Free Accounting and Invoicing has been the backbone of our product offering for many years. As this is free software, customers who only use our Accounting and Invoicing products have access to self-serve support options. This helps us keep these products free to use. Live chat and email support are available to users who accept Payments, subscribe to Payroll, use Money, or work with an Advisor. For more information, please visit our guide to How Wave Support Works

Can I pay for one-on-one help?

Yes. Pricing for an Accounting Coach starts at $229. Learn more about this and other Wave Advisors services.

Accepting Payments, subscribing to Payroll, hiring an Advisor, or using the Money bank account gets you access to live chat and email support.


  • Dave_D55Dave_D55 Member Posts: 1

    I am currently accepting payments and still I can't access live chat/email with an agent. Any suggestions?

  • SabineSabine Member Posts: 13

    please consider a pay per use model for technical support, I use your free service and very much appreciate it, I don't need a coach for a month but if something is not working right in wave apps there is nowhere to turn.
    the community is no help in most cases, and neither are the support articles

    Please don't leave us free users hanging if things don't work right

  • kadoonyckadoonyc Member Posts: 2

    Hi @Siobhan_Hitchmough
    I wish this announcement was emailed to us. We never knew that there will not be a human customer support for our issues with Wave.
    We are currently having problem with our Wave account and will need a Tech and Human support to help us, not the chatbot Mave, as it has not been helpful at all to solve our issues.
    Is there a phone number we can contact?

    edited September 30, 2021
  • TDKTDK Member Posts: 6

    How is an accounting coach going to help me with a bug in your software?
    This is unreal.

  • daveinarmstrongdaveinarmstrong Member Posts: 4

    I have payments on and cannot see a place to access live chat/email with an agent. Where do I go to get support for importing expense transactions from a CSV file. I see an option for uploading bank account income, but expenses.

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