Splitting invoices

JonathanHHJonathanHH Member Posts: 1

I do not know if this feature exist but it is something that I am sure manu business would enjoy.

A lot of times (my business obliged), I produce an invoice that's particularly large, and a customer asks if I can spread the balance due on that invoice across multiple billing periods. To accommodate this customer, I would like to split the invoice.

An invoice split is one of multiple invoices that together formed one original invoice. Splitting a single invoice into multiple invoices lets me offer flexible payment schedules, especially when the original invoice balance is a large sum.

For example, a customer has an invoice that totals $100,000. I agree to let the customer make four payments spread across multiple billing periods on the invoice. I could split that invoice into four separate invoices, each for a specific percentage of the original amount. These percentages can be any amount that I would want to set, as long as the collection of split invoices total 100% of the original invoice. In this example, I can set the first split invoice to 40% ($40,000), then each successive split invoice to 30% ($30,000), 20% ($20,000), and 10% ($10,000).This would make it possible to send the client an invoice for the deposit, an invoice mid way, and so on, without having to make 5 invoices in waves and have a mess for accounting.

I hope this demand /features idea is clear and something that you would take into consideration


  • davidsteindesigndavidsteindesign Member Posts: 5

    Yes - this would be helpful because clients sometimes need to pay an invoice in full and it will cause problems for their accounting software if they only pay a portion of an invoice. It would be great to have a way to break an invoice in thirds, quarters etc, while also having it reference the entire amount (without having to manually create 3 or 4 or however many additional invoices for a part of a project).

  • davidmarkdavidmark Member Posts: 1

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