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  • considered_joiningconsidered_joining Member Posts: 1

    Most commenters probably won't return to this page, but I'd like to thank everyone nonetheless. I considered paying for Wave linked to several services in order to handle the entirety of my bookkeeping and related activities...until I saw the overwhelming customer response to recent changes. Personally, I would not frequently use receipt OCR functionality, but it was clearly an important feature on which many users relied. Seeing the product team(s) at Wave and/or H&R Block remove such a feature--without even maintaining it as a paid feature--indicates to me that the current managers will not prioritize long-term reliability and customer trust. This is a shame, because Wave does seem to offer all the main bookkeeping functionality I seek. After having read all the comments on this page, on the original post about the mobile app deprecation, and on a handful of forums and blogs elsewhere, I don't feel that I can trust Wave or H&R Block to provide a consistent bookkeeping experience at any price. I'm mainly thanking everyone who commented for providing their valuable feedback, but I'm also urging the product team to adjust course.

  • DamyanDamyan Member Posts: 4

    The receipts app with OCR and emailing of receipts features were the 2 main reasons I chose Wave over alternatives. It made me tolerate other limitations of the product and I would have been willing to pay a small subscription to continue using them. Now that they are gone I have left Wave - it's a real shame

  • WillGWillG Member Posts: 4

    I'm going back to Quickbooks and they have a camera receipt scan and email receipt scan. I'm done with some experimental startup that doesn't know what they are doing.

  • Scorge120Scorge120 Member Posts: 3

    I can't believe they removed OCR and Receipts functionality. They've completely hamstrung the expense process. I will have to switch to another platform. It's disappointing because I liked the Wave ecosystem and would have gladly paid for the software if it meant the OCR and Receipt functionality remained intact.

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    The WAVE OCR app was the main reason I chose Wave. The invoicing is good, but I needed help scanning a huge number of receipts, not making those entries manually. I'm leaving Wave for Foreceipt or QuickBooks. Wave corporate: Small business owners like me have no time for companies who remove important features, essentially making it harder to do my job. It was extra rotten to do this during the year, not at the end of the year, when I could at least respect you for the decision and not have to scramble. Enjoy your fewer users. I won't use HR Block either and will be sure to tell everyone just how awfully you treated your customers. Nice work!

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    This seems like one of those upper management, someone made a ton of money at everyones expense things. The person in charge of this decision should be fired. Since I can't do that wave will be fired from the role I have used it for the last few years. Pretty simple feature set we all seem to want. Take picture of receipt, do taxes. Very simple. Totally willing to pay for the features you removed. Not pay you ever however, untrustworthy, sketchy. Might code an app myself which does the few things we need it to do, as opposed to whatever hairbrained schemes your management has cooked up. How to fail at software design, by wave.
    Protip yall will never be my payment processor or anything else. Goes for the parent company too, you aren't hedging me toward H&R, I will now never use them as a service for anything. Should have stuck with the one feature anyone needs. (I spent yesterday scanning on the outdated app, to learn this. I should bill you)

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  • JonZJonZ Member Posts: 3
    Awful, was using the app until tonight, I had no sign that the app was not uploading the photos I have been taking for months now. If someone gets an audit and can't backup expenses that's damages due to gross negligence.
  • StephanieNStephanieN Member Posts: 2

    This was by far the absolute BEST time saving feature offered by Wave. I've been a bookkeeper for about 20 years and this is what made Wave stand out. The receipts app was just FUN before and I actually looked forward to it in this mundane work of receipt entering.
    Thought; can you reinstate this user favourite as a subscription? I could care less about the other paid offerings but this would be something I would consider as a time saver. No matter which way you spin it, you moved to a less time efficient process for the user.
    If this is how you really feel, I will unfortunately have to use boring Quickbooks (which I already own and pay for for other accounts) because there really is no point of using a separate platform.

  • untit1eduntit1ed Member Posts: 2

    Oh this is terrible news, I only signed up for wave to use this feature. And it worked so well. Shame you had to cripple the software this way.

  • JonZJonZ Member Posts: 3
    Bring back please, will pay for it
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