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  • CMEAJCMEAJ Member Posts: 1

    This is DUMB. Why would you make it MORE difficult to book keep The whole point of WAVE was making it EASY for a small business to book keep. Why do I have to GOOGLE to find out WTF you guys moved this feature to, only to find out, its pretty much gone.

    OCR is the future, why have you taken this away.

  • jusme20jusme20 Member Posts: 1

    Wow what a horrible step back - this is crazy!! the only reason i started using this app was this email the receipt as 90% of our transactions are online, and we get our receipt emailed to us. Then I was simply forwarding the receipt to my WAVE receipt account. For the other 10% i used the receipt app which i simply launched and took a picture and that was it. It was brilliant !

    Whoever made this decision has very poor judgment of what the customers actually need or completely removed most small businesses operate. OR really wants to downgrade the APP so another competitor can come in - A great way to drop customers

    OCR was the main reason i was here and I have started looking for an alternative service. I am hosting two of my businesses with you guys with payroll and accounting services, but this is so crazy and such a huge inconvenience that i am surly going to move away. I am highly disappointed!

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  • fdlbtfdlbt Member Posts: 1

    It would be nice if there were a way to associate receipts (and / or the transactions they are associated with) with individual items on an invoice, and have those receipts attached to the invoice when it is sent. Most of my clients require receipts for the expenses I bill to them, so this would include everything they need in a single email. Currently almost every time I send an invoice I need to send a separate email with receipts attached.

  • seanwseanw Member Posts: 1

    Guys, what are you doing. Not everyone has their accounts perfectly linked like this, nor do they want to. I've been using Wave BECAUSE of the OCR Image Processing. I can gas up, buy something, snap the photo, it scans it, I can throw out my receipt right there, and categorize it all when I had the time. Now I'm HOLDING ON TO MY RECEIPTS AGAIN. Which I don't want to do. Also getting rid of the APP for a mobile browser experience?? What's going on.

  • JamesH_001JamesH_001 Member Posts: 1

    Can this be re-instated as an option?

    I have been using this feature for about 4 years, so much so, that I would pay for it to be re-instated on my account.
    Now, I need to find al alternate solution to complete this specific task.

    Does anyone know of another software they can recommend to complete this task?

  • marvdmarvd Member Posts: 1
    Now that I have to open the New Transaction page multiple times a day, I’ve added it as a bookmark to my home screen (iOS). In theory it should open and be ready to use just like the Receipts app. But Wave doesn’t give me the option to save my password like other websites do, so every time I open I have to sign in again. Is there some security setting I can adjust? Or is there just something about Wave that behaves differently in iOS Safari?
  • 536joe536joe Member Posts: 2

    @AandR_81 said:
    Shocked that one of the best features of Wave has been removed! I still have the app but it is now useless - I can't find my receipts on desktop and the "help" section of this article is absolutely useless. Where has the receipts tab gone? Where have my 5 years of receipts gone? I don't have time to search through transactions - this is supposed to be a time-saving application and it is going downhill fast. Forget Zoho, rename WAVE to TSUNAMI - it is destroying everything. Don't have time to continue with this comment .... too busy looking for my receipts. Please bring them back [SOBBING]

    Very "simple"... Here are your reciepts: accounting > transactions > filter > types : withdrawal > apply

  • JustAPlumberJustAPlumber Member Posts: 1

    Why would you retire the most useful feature? As a wave customer for many years you have just made accounting ten times harder for our small business. Our employees must shop around to even locate materials for our business and this was the one way I could actually get these invoices into the system easily. The articles have screenshots that don't look like my dashboard. I tried to get help through a live chat and was just sent links not answers to specific questions. The chat finally ended with the rep just leaving the chat. Then in the chat feedback section I was limited to some number of characters that weren't enough to explain the problems with the chat. This does not feel like good customer service. I hope that wave takes the opportunity to reinstate this function and improve their customer service.

  • BusaKaineBusaKaine Member Posts: 1

    Wow, I can't believe WaveApps is no longer a relevant product, this was by far the most useful feature. emailing the receipts was the reason we started using this. I have been emailing in for over 3 years, I did not know this was removed, I had gone in to start matching and found none of my receipts are there.

    Now I will have to move my wifes business account over to a different platform.

  • RebeccaNRebeccaN Member Posts: 1

    This has made it so much harder/longer for me. I have so many receipts saved on my computer for the last quarter and I would just upload these and they would create the transaction. The way we make payments I cannot upload a statement as we have many payment sources and not everything on our transaction statements are claimable. So I will need to create each transaction manually then add the receipt. The best thing was how the system read all the details from the receipt for me and I only had to categorize them. I appreciate the new method may be better for some but why couldn't you leave the old process there as well?

  • MaureenAMaureenA Member Posts: 1

    this has made dealing with receipts very difficult. Will be moving to another solution.

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  • turboturbo Member Posts: 1

    Receipts are now a nightmare to upload have to switch to another program This is a good way to get rid of customers

  • BonnieKBonnieK Member Posts: 1

    In addition to not understanding removing this amazing feature - the new one doesn't work! My pic of a receipt is 3.5mb the App says upload smaller than 6.mb - and flags my 3.5mb as being too big ... now = nightmare trying to get receipts uploaded.

  • nanimcddnanimcdd Member Posts: 2

    This "update" has completely screwed me. The email Receipts feature was essentially the only reason I use Wave. Now I am looking at spending hours per month manually entering each is this an update???? It is literally just removing a function. I'm so disappointed and currently looking at alternatives.

  • anydomainanydomain Member Posts: 1

    Wow. I knew that you were "improving" the receipts feature, but coming to se it for the first time in a while I see that you have completely DESTROYED it.

    This is a horrible decision on your part I must say as this will make my bookkeeping much more difficult. First you destroy the transactions page, now this?

    I am beyond livid atm.

  • WillGWillG Member Posts: 3

    Terrible. Who made this up? You are removing features not making it better. what dissapointing!

  • DavyDavy Member Posts: 3

    For a company that targets small businesses, I'm fairly certain this will come back as a "premium bookkeeping" option. The execution in the transition however, is a case study level of disappointment.

  • SimonBSimonB Member Posts: 1

    You just made my life far more difficult. Can't forward emailed receipts to waveapps anymore? Can't scan and OCR receipts on the run? Why?

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  • ZerZer Member Posts: 1

    How to check the receipts uploaded via receipt app? Whos the genius to make this product adjustment? Cutting down features stopping payment acceptance, what an interesting product development roadmap.

  • jmasonjmason Member Posts: 2

    Well, this stinks. There was no reason not to retain the very easy and convenient option of just forwarding emails.

  • JackonderJackonder Member Posts: 1

    The receipt feature was the best thing about wave and the only reason I used this solution. Goodbye.

  • OBTechOBTech Member Posts: 1

    Terrible, now I don't know where all the receipts I uploaded throughout the last couple months went, that were not categorized yet! This is the worst for small business this will surely push folks over to QuickBooks Small Business.

  • adorsey09adorsey09 Member Posts: 1
    I get the move to attempt to force users to have a Wave Money account or connect their banking account to the app. And, many of us simply do not wish to conduct our business in this way. Even with connected accounts, we still need to easily upload our digital receipts via email or at point of purchase. I’m not manually entering receipt information in 2021 when the technology is there. How ridiculous.

    Ease of expense tracking via receipt management was the sole purpose of using this platform for accounting. How could you be so disconnected from your user base and destroy the sole function that attracted us? Receipt management.

    The market is competitive. I’m unhappy to have to explore a new products but ease of receipt management is a priority for my small business.
  • klmklm Member Posts: 1
    Can’t believe wave removed the best and most important feature. Please hear your customers and bring back the receipts features.
  • ndmorrisonndmorrison Member Posts: 2

    This is a terrible new feature. Why would you remove a feature that allowed me to simply forward an email containing a receipt in favour of a new feature that requires me to download, find, upload and register a receipt. This is not streamlining, this is adding work. What on earth was the thinking behind this?

  • cjonccjonc Member Posts: 1

    Disappointed is an understatement at best. Removing the ability to forward receipts, and instead requiring me to manually download, log in, and then upload the receipt is a massive step backward. Literally every competitor of Wave offers this, it's table stakes. Do I need to send them via carrier pigeon next month?

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