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  • AndorinAndorin Member Posts: 9

    I was reluctant to leave Wave after they stopped allowing UK companies to directly import bank statements. But this is just the dumbest of the dumb. What's wrong with them? They're clearly utterly incompetent. Stupidest feature change imaginable. Way to ruin their software.

  • SteveMyloSteveMylo Member Posts: 1

    WAVE has completely deleted all my receipts that I was going to go through. I can't believe this. All my tax receipts deleted cause they shutdown and moved it to a different receipt format. I'm in Australia and they said no humans support, only robot. WTF!!

  • Elyada_FarmElyada_Farm Member Posts: 2

    This development is taking us back to the middle ages... Please!

  • ALPMALPM Member Posts: 4

    Just tried to get my receipts up to date, as it's a rainy day. Thanks for nothing Wave, you just added to my admin time by about 10 times what it used to take with the OCR receipt method and has more chance of mistakes.
    This reminds me of a very old Accountant I had that used to operate with old school methods, when I showed him Wave OCR receipts, he was shocked at the time savings. He'll be happy you guys are only taking the Accountants approach and ignoring your customer feedback and requirements. I guess I'll need to spend more time and effort getting to another accounting package as we can't afford the time and frustration of this backwards change.

  • misswedmisswed Member Posts: 3

    I'm very disappointed to lose the receipts functionality. As janky and imperfect as it was, the OCR function was the most useful aspect of your entire product for me. It enabled me to quickly take a picture of a receipt on the go, or upload a digital receipt quickly, and then be able to properly process and assign to categories later when I had more time to devote to it.

    Now I have to enter every transaction manually, then attach the receipt, and I will absolutely lose receipts or forget I have something to add in.

    I cannot connect my bank accounts to Wave.

    I am about to grow my self employed business and I was seriously considering starting to accept payments through Wave and paying for a more complex product, but now I will definitely not be doing that.

  • misswedmisswed Member Posts: 3

    @SteveMylo said:
    WAVE has completely deleted all my receipts that I was going to go through. I can't believe this. All my tax receipts deleted cause they shutdown and moved it to a different receipt format. I'm in Australia and they said no humans support, only robot. WTF!!

    Steve, if you have not yet deleted the receipts app, check if your unprocessed receipts are still there. Mine were! And I was able to process them and post to accounting. I was very relieved because I thought I'd lost a whole load of receipts.

  • perryf45perryf45 Member Posts: 2

    Very disappointed with the updates to the receipts feature. It is very difficult and cumbersome to upload one receipt at a time when I use to doing them in bulk, categorizing them so I can review them in transaction. Unclear how to do the bulk load of receipts that I take pics on iPad before processing on computer. How is one supposed to take a pic using computers that is efficient process. :( These changes did not take into account the end user experience.

    edited July 17, 2021
  • tonywangtonywang Member Posts: 1

    Very disappointed with dropping receipt feature. I have been using Wave for years just because of the feature. Now I'm forced to look away. Good job!

  • J_B_J_B_ Member Posts: 1

    Extremely disappointed to see the email receipts feature go away. If I have to do everything manually, I may as well go back to just using excel on my desktop.

  • perryf45perryf45 Member Posts: 2

    Uploading receipts is no longer a simple process. Very manual you have to enter every single detail as the software no longer automatically enters date, dollar amount and description. Terrible!!

  • jreddyjreddy Member Posts: 1

    We really don't like that the receipt processing was removed. It was one of the main decisions to use Wave as our accounting platform. Very disappointed in this decision and hoping that the team will reconsider and bring it back. Uploading receipts to create transactions was so easy! This new way kinda sucks and is a step backwards.

  • NoLongerAnUserNoLongerAnUser Member Posts: 1

    H&R Block acquired Wave and destroyed its value. The software is so crumblesome to use to the point -- where users will ditch it regardless the switching barrier.

    Shame that the Founder of Wave -- Kirk Simpson has no say. This H&R Block and Mr Simpson left such a bad taste to all the users.

    This is a prefect example of HOW NOT TO DO A M&A DEAL. Changing too much too fast, and changing backwards.

  • usedtoloveWaveusedtoloveWave Member Posts: 1

    Funny that the best feature from this app (the receipts processing feature) is removed not long after H & R Block buy it. Trying to make it harder for small businesses to do their own taxes is not cool. I am expecting Wave will keep getting picked apart till it is no longer worth using now that H & R Block own it.

  • Anna_NollAnna_Noll Member Posts: 1

    That was the main reason why I used Wave, or the last 2.5 years, for that option ( receipt tracking) that I was able to take a picture of my receipt. In stead of delating that option I would gladly pay a fee. I guess time to look for a better software.

  • Tim_HowardTim_Howard Member Posts: 1

    Maybe Zoho have tasked H & R to buy out Wave, shut it down by killing it off its features and retrieve their expenses by users migrating to Zoho and the renewing their subscriptions year on year (maybe with a eventual price hike!)!!! Buy out and kill the competition!!!

  • Alex_PAlex_P Member Posts: 1

    How can I automatically add receipts like I did with the email send feature? It is a lot of work adding each one. This feels like a step backwards. There should be bulk or auto uploading and then able to connect them to existing transactions (which I've built into apps for other uses; it's quite effective).

  • HTCHTC Member Posts: 2

    Is there a way to upload receipts and hold them in a "gallery" or something of the sort? Without the receipt app, I now have to keep a pile of receipts on my desk until the transaction clears my bank and shows up in Wave days later. I am now WEEKS behind in my accounting, with numerous missing receipts. Removing the receipt app is absolutely a step backward.

  • pnaw10pnaw10 Member Posts: 3

    Wondering if there could be a way to alter the "Transactions" page to show, at a glance, whether a receipt was uploaded for each expense item. Would make it easier (than clicking each item, then clicking the receipts tab) to quickly tell which items might be missing receipts, so I can make sure I get them all caught-up.

  • jbueltejbuelte Member Posts: 1

    I didn't realize that Wave had changed the way receipts were uploaded and I have still been uploading them in the app. Now when I go to review them and post to accounting (like we used to do) it just says "unknown merchant" and is unable to retrieve my receipt to view it. Is there a way to go back and be able to view these receipts?

  • DanielleEDanielleE Member Posts: 1

    Seriously! This is BS, can't believe you all took this away. IT was the only reason I chose Wave and now i have to look elsewhere, smh. My advice, introduce a receipt uploading app ASAP. Nothing was easier than snapping a picture of your receipts with your phone and having them uploaded in the system for you.

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