Where do I "Hide" my verified or "reviewed" transactions?

AnnscarAnnscar Member Posts: 1

Why aren't my verified transactions disappearing after I 'reviewed' them? Wave used to do this automatically


  • SandraKWSandraKW Member Posts: 7

    I would liketo know the answer to this one too.

  • headTrixheadTrix Member Posts: 7

    still no answer on this? I am new and have all these transactions piled up, and noticing they dont go away. I want to clear the clutter!!

  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 267 admin

    Hey @headTrix !

    To clarify here, marking a transaction as "reviewed" will not remove it from the Transactions page. This is because the Transactions page is designed as a place where all transactions are recorded, to give you the option to view all of them as default.

    That said, you can filter your transactions page to view either only Reviewed, or Not Reviewed transactions :smile:

  • headTrixheadTrix Member Posts: 7

    they should be hidden by default and have a separate tab for the ones that have been "reviewed" so that we can breath when you sort thru and we can see progress.

    Also, how can I integrate my websites registration with Wave merchant payments so you can take the percentage and we can take advantage of using Wave for accounting so it matches up in our account?


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