Coming soon: Wave's new Receipts feature



  • unhappycamperunhappycamper Member Posts: 1

    Agree with other posters. Receipt OCR was an incredibly good feature and was the main reason I used this app.

  • rezanetrezanet Member Posts: 2

    I don't understand the idea behind this change!! Clearly all the users are unhappy with this change! the mobile app for receipts is super handy and easy to use! if you want to improve the user experience, you should have implemented AI/ML to resolve duplicate transactions automatically and have users to review them for any errors!
    Opening a browser on the mobile phone then having to login and navigate to the right page and upload receipts, is just a big PITB, I don't think anyone would bother using it!

  • LilianaLiliana Member Posts: 8

    Well I don't know how this new way is going to work. I'm going to try it, i really loved the receipt app because my daughter doesn't track any expenses, so in that way was the only way to keep track of them.
    hopefully you can make the app to work again or make other app with all the dashboard thing easy to work in a app.
    I saw that you can drag the receipt from your computer but how are you going to do it if the computer does not take pictures.
    You cant take your computer everywhere.
    like I say I will try it but if is not working like should be I will make another comment. @KirkSimpson @AshiraGobrin

    edited June 16, 2021
  • DylanDylan Member Posts: 5

    Another awesome feature removed :(

  • patpat Member Posts: 5
    I am trying new feature on the go and it is a disaster. In "mobile version" when uploading receipts I can't change currency!! Hello, people are traveling and purchasing in other countries... Gosh. This is annoying!!!
  • Mohan12Mohan12 Member Posts: 1

    OCR removal is a downgrade. I was very happy to find a service that was modern compared to the counterparts when I started using the service. I use you for payroll and I was a happy customer. The transaction page redesign, even though I agree was a step towards modernizing it, it was not fully though through. It decreased the speed at which I was able to edit, but, not a deal breaker. But, the new receipts approach is certainly in the wrong direction. Having to manually enter receipt details is a hassle and makes the workflow cumbersome. I hope that you can bring back OCR in one form or the other.

  • Baristas2019Baristas2019 Member Posts: 4

    This is a regression. I will leave it at that.

  • supakdeesupakdee Member Posts: 14

    "Create a new" button from Dashboard is not available

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  • EugeEuge Member Posts: 1

    Please integrate back the OCR feature as this saved so much time for me.

    How can it be that a software upgrade reverts to a manual system of encoding? This was the main time saving function that attracted me to Wave in the first place.

  • Christopher_128Christopher_128 Member Posts: 4

    OMG!! Using the app to upload receipt was such a breeze.
    I can't believe you will remove such useful feature. With this new method, it took me over 1hr just to upload and transact 20 receipts. Used to take me only 5 minutes.
    What a bummer....wish you guys could have kept it.

  • blankrealityblankreality Member Posts: 4

    This new workflow is absolutely TERRIBLE. I really don't understand how the Wave team thinks this is in any way an improvement over the slick, fast, and simple process that worked just last week. Taking out OCR is the dumbest, most regressive move you could have made with receipts, it just baffles the mind. It takes me 3-4 times longer to upload a receipt now than it did 3 days ago. way to go!

    I hope the exodus of users you create with this misguided move will open up some eyes on the development team!

  • CosmosHealthcareCosmosHealthcare Member Posts: 2

    Totally jacked off with this latest regression and no OCR. I had a whole heap of receipts stored for the future to add at the start of every month, that took a long time to print and scan in. I got rid of the originals and now I have lost them all. Thanks WAVE. Great initiative. NOT!

  • Peter1234567890Peter1234567890 Member Posts: 4

    I guess wave is doing what they can to push people using paid Zoho Books?

    I don't want to have anything to do with a company using such a strategy ...

  • ent_ishent_ish Member Posts: 1

    Sad to see that there's no longer an easy way to send in a receipt (photo in the mobile app or email) to process later, and that all OCR from receipts has been discontinued. As a self employed person who's been using Wave to track expenses such as home utilities for taxes this will create a lot of extra work.

  • CédricCédric Member Posts: 2

    I had automated the process by sending almost all my receipts to Wave by e-mail with the "Email receipts feature ([email protected])"... The new process does not allow any automation, it is a pity...

    Apart from that, the new process seems more complex and slow than the previous one with the mobile app and OCR.

    I am very disappointed with these features removal (OCR and e-mail based receipts) and hope it will be fixed soon.

    edited June 16, 2021
  • Rebecca_B321Rebecca_B321 Member Posts: 2

    OMG I am so confused by this new system. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Rebecca_B321Rebecca_B321 Member Posts: 2

    It looks like I've been emailing receipts to Wave for over half a year and nothing was being logged. I'd get confirmation emails that the receipts were being received, and yet.... I can't find them now. Nothing since August 2020 is appearing. What the hell is happening??

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