Coming soon: Wave's new Receipts feature

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imageComing soon: Wave's new Receipts feature

In June, Wave is launching a new version of the Receipts feature and will be retiring the original Receipts feature set and mobile application. This page will introduce you to the new experience as...

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  • peterfreedompeterfreedom Member Posts: 3

    Foreceipt has all these features people are asking about and more. I wished i knew about this migration before i had all my line items in.

  • YNotSGYNotSG Member Posts: 2

    Well....time to move to QB. Tax season just ended and the most useful part of Wave seems to be ending as well.

  • wakeforcewakeforce Member Posts: 1

    You must be kidding. OCR was the #1 feature that Wave had, that others didn't. Now, the barrier to exit to other accounting apps is effectively none.

  • AThompsonAThompson Member Posts: 1

    This is a terrible step backwards. My clients are upset and I'm upset. As a bookkeeper, Wave has just created more work for me... wave more work. My clients are now able to use the app to upload receipts for me to work with later without having to log in to their Wave account. They now can't do that. I am so disappointed in this change.

  • BoundarylessJedBoundarylessJed Member Posts: 16 ✭✭

    OCR was an important feature...I will miss it dearly.

  • bhtilebhtile Member Posts: 1

    the app was one of the best parts. please come out with a new one or a lot of people likely myself included will go to QB

  • SomeGuySomeGuy Member Posts: 1

    Boo! This sucks, why would you remove the feature???????????

  • ObliviousVObliviousV Member Posts: 5

    So many negative comments on this new receipt management plan. Yet there seem to be no compromise from the Wave team to keep user beloved features such as OCR alive.
    Another migrator back to Expensify with automated importing to QB on the horizon...

  • tony140tony140 Member Posts: 6

    Deal breaker, I've been able to work around Wave's limitations over these first few years of my business, but now your taking away important, time saving features it's time to look into other options. It's already a pretty basic platform, taking away such a useful feature is just a terrible idea ... hope it's saving you enough money to justify how many users you're about to lose

  • schlesingers_5schlesingers_5 Member Posts: 2

    I'll add my extreme displeasure to the others who will leave because the best reason to use you was the OCR. Without it, you're just a clunky version of QB.

  • AA1AA1 Member Posts: 1

    I'll chime in and say that OCR seems like an important feature, especially in the case that "I upload receipts immediately after purchase" and the transaction doesn't exist yet.

  • MeekMeek Member Posts: 1

    Can someone please tell me what QB is, as it seems like a likely alternative to explore.
    Never mind, I found it.

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  • VV_AdminVV_Admin Member Posts: 3

    It's hard to predict how these changes will affect, hurt, or even improve my workflow, but the instability of this service is unfriendly for bookkeeping purposes. Time to move on. Thanks for the two week notice -14 days to convert to a new service or make my own.

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  • SLDWRKSSLDWRKS Member Posts: 1

    Horrible Idea. WAVE just lost 3, possibly 5 accounts here. We have put up with this limiting platform, each for our own reasons. With the mistakes with payroll deposits, payroll liabilities, constant "upgrades" that cause users to re learn the platform from what they were once comfortable with, inability to print off or easily export full reports, and now this. SEE YA!!

  • tsmithtsmith Member Posts: 21

    Now instead of simply forwarding an email or snapping a pick, I'll either have to give access to the dashboard (not gonna happen) or have all those things emailed to me instead and now I have to create all the transactions manually for all these receipts. Awful idea to remove this widely used and useful feature.

  • rizo13rizo13 Member Posts: 3

    Seriously? For every expense that has no instant booking from a bank account connection, I need now to enter everything manually. Havin an instant snap of a receipt is one of the most important functions. Seems like Wave is going through with this change. Any suggestions for another provider? I need to swtich immedtiately

  • TheGraphicsGuyTheGraphicsGuy Member Posts: 2

    So they haven't said a word about all the backlash for removing OCR? I'm also not sure if I'm more miffed at the loss of the only feature I switched over for, or the way they framed this update in such a way as to try and make sh!t look like shinola (apologies for the old-timey reference). Guess I'll start looking into this Foreceipt that's been mentioned and steel myself for yet another bookkeeping transition in the same year.

  • KCAKCA Member Posts: 2

    I just read these changes. Instead of going forward, this service is going backwards I guess. The easiest way for them to fix something was disappearing it (OCR)

  • bwilsplurbwilsplur Member Posts: 2

    Didn't address much less listen to any of the feedback from users on the decision to get rid of the OCR. Shows the direction Wave is headed as a company. "Free and always will be, **We'll just derate the product until it's useless to you without paying for features"

  • LuisMLuisM Member Posts: 1

    This is really disappointing. By far the most useful feature is being removed???! I guess I'll have to remove myself to another platform as well... NOT HAPPY.

  • mattolinskimattolinski Member Posts: 1

    I do not support the move to remove OCR or the mobile offline app.
    OCR was by far the best feature.

  • KCAKCA Member Posts: 2
    "This page will introduce you to the new experience" Worst experience, you mean...
  • cardsfancardsfan Member Posts: 10 ✭✭

    10 pages of complaints on the other two posts... Wave still does not listen. Will someone who has some influence at wave try managing 10 electrotonic receipts in a day on their phone
    Just manually logging into Wave using the phone will take forever.
    thx for not listening

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