Update on changes coming to Wave Receipts

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We recently announced we’ll be retiring the Wave Receipts mobile app, and focusing our attention on delivering an optimized receipts experience in waveapps.com. We appreciate the input we received in response, and want to provide more detail on what this upcoming change means for our customers.

Our goal is to build one unified experience that both simplifies bookkeeping and ensures records are always accurate. This change, while difficult to make, is necessary to accomplish our goal.

The Receipts mobile app was built to reach as many people as possible. However, it no longer aligned with our vision of delivering a platform that simplifies bookkeeping while simultaneously maintaining complete and accurate records for tax purposes.

The new receipts experience addresses the overwhelming feedback that led us to make these improvements. This includes:

  • Preventing duplicates.
  • Eliminating the manual process of converting receipts images into new transactions.
  • Enabling the ability to simply “attach” receipts to individual expense transactions, as well as the ability to attach documents to income and deposit transactions.
  • Creating a single, unified experience for receipt management and overall transactions.
  • Leveraging Wave’s new mobile optimizations for the Dashboard and Transactions page.

However, we do acknowledge this is not ideal for customers who:

  • Only use the Receipts mobile app.
  • Do not have a connected or eligible bank account.
  • Capture and upload receipts at point of purchase.
  • Rely on the app to add the receipt details to Wave (OCR).

While the new experience may function differently in these scenarios, it is still possible to accomplish many of the same tasks. We invite you to try it out, and hope you’ll see just how much more accurate it can be. You can even log in using the same username and password you already use for the Receipts mobile app.

For more in-depth details on how to use the new receipts experience, including how to upload a receipt when the corresponding expense transaction hasn’t been recorded yet in Wave, check out our Help Center article.



  • ModernMilkmaidModernMilkmaid Member Posts: 7

    You will also be able to upload a receipt from the Dashboard page. This will allow you to create a new expense transaction for which you can then add in the relevant purchase details to properly bookkeep.

    Is this feature OCR enabled, or will I still need to manually enter the transaction? @JCowan

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  • APPAPP Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
    @ModernMilkmaid OCR is no longer supported along with the Application
  • ModernMilkmaidModernMilkmaid Member Posts: 7

    @APP said:
    @ModernMilkmaid OCR is no longer supported along with the Application

    I am looking for clarification from a Wave employee, not just another user like myself.

  • jacobjzjacobjz Member Posts: 2 ✭✭

    This post does nothing to address the overwhelming objections of Wave's user base. I guess you don't care. I'll be looking for a new accounting platform.

  • GlennFGlennF Member Posts: 30 ✭✭

    I can't believe Wave/H&R Block made such a disruptive change, let alone in the middle of the year. Accounting is mission critical. This put a huge burden on small business with no-value work. Ironic that Wave says that they are behind small businesses: https://www.waveapps.com/about-us/about

    This is not the first time I have been burned by a bait-and-switch by a SaaS company. I'm moving to an open source application (GnuCash) and added my own receipt OCR capability.
    I'm also moving as many other applications to open source for the control and customization. You will never have control over a service someone else runs:

    On another note I did notice that Shoeboxed shows that Wave is a partner if you want to research using it with Wave:
    https://www.shoeboxed.com/partners/ for their receipt scanning and OCR.

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  • pmk856pmk856 Member Posts: 4

    I notice they don't use the words "receipt processing" in any of their documentation. They call it a "receipt experience". That's because there is no processing involved. Why don't they just call it what it is - the ability to add an image to an existing transaction.

  • JCowanJCowan Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 10 admin

    @ModernMilkmaid Thanks for your question. OCR will no longer be supported with the release of the new feature in June. If you were to upload a receipt from the Dashboard, you yourself would then add in the relevant purchase details to bookkeep the transaction.

  • ModernMilkmaidModernMilkmaid Member Posts: 7

    @JCowan said:
    @ModernMilkmaid Thanks for your question. OCR will no longer be supported with the release of the new feature in June. If you were to upload a receipt from the Dashboard, you yourself would then add in the relevant purchase details to bookkeep the transaction.

    So really, it's the same difference whether I enter the transaction first and attach the receipt, or upload the receipt and then enter the transaction. The receipt upload and OCR is my favourite feature, especially since Wave stopped importing transactions from my bank 6+ weeks ago.

    I've been a loyal Wave user for the past 5 or so years, but I haven't found any of the recent updates particularly user-friendly, including the changes that were made to the Transactions page. Moving everything to a new bookkeeping software is a huge endeavour and not something I want to tackle mid-year so I'll give it a try and see if I can make it work, but I am actively looking at other bookkeeping programs that could be a good fit for my business.

  • mic911mic911 Member Posts: 10

    Someone mentioned Foreceipt on here earlier. I've been using it for just over 2 weeks now and its OCR works well. There's a 2-week free trial for anyone wanting to try it, or if you want a 1-month free trial you can click here and we both get a month free.

  • NJANJA Member Posts: 3

    I have to agree with the sentiment here, whereas I do like the idea of being able to directly attach a receipt to a transaction, removing the OCR/Email/Mobile app is a step backwards. Having to create a transaction before being able to upload a receipt makes zero sense. I've been a user of this system for 6 years and run 2 business with payroll through Wave....Please reconsider keeping the mobile and email OCR features.

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  • APPAPP Member Posts: 22 ✭✭
    Obviously they are not reconsidering anything. As the OP says, this coming June you will either be a Wave client or will not be (depending on your use of the App/OCR).
  • abcdeabcde Member Posts: 9

    We hear your feedback loud and clear and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to your (little) business. At Wave, we are working very hard to bring you the revolutionary Saas product that you come to expect.

    Since H&R Block's acquisition, we have shore up our financials and cut (unnecessary) expenses. You may currently using the amazing service for FREE, but OCR technology provided by the 3rd party does incur costs.

    Perhaps, we could have kept the functionality as optional feature for our valued (but mostly not- paying) customers, but that defies the purpose of cutting 3rd party processing and maintenance costs.

    This is a BIG step back, we know that already so no need to reminding anyone of that.

    Nevertheless, we can spin this fact clear-as-mud for our nasty users by telling them we are bring them a revolutionary NEW feature. If there are a few clever ones who wouldn't keep their mouth closed, we will just close the old thread and start a new one thread till there are nothing but silence...

    Sorry, this is just me joking. Now for real, listen up, Wave:

    We love and care about your products, that's why we are here spending time commenting. Removing OCR is BAD move, here is why:

    • Disruption to the current user's workflow (Big time!!)
    • Bad rap;
    • loss of trust of the current customer base, lack of (GENUINE) consultation and advance notice and transition plan;
    • This and the previous thread in fact contains trove of treasure that MAY guide the product's feature map;
    • While one may dismiss a few verbal and disgruntled user who threats to leave WAVE, the real NEGATIVE impact and the MASS user base is unknown. You may choose to keep the fingers crossed and wish the damage is with in control, they may be NOT. Taking such risk may not be necessary.
  • lordmugginslordmuggins Member Posts: 4

    One of the best features of Wave, removed - without any consideration, or reevaluation. If, like mine, your Wave is not sync'd to your bank, then it is suddenly useless. I will note, they continue to advertise the Receipts functionality on their website.

    On what date will this end, as I will need to find another solution - fast. Absolute disaster. I am stunned.

    Update: Refugee here who is trying Foreceipt. So far, very impressed - Check them out as an alternative.

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  • CobaltNineCobaltNine Member Posts: 2

    Very disappointed. For my small non-profit, Wave Receipts (despite it's lack of dedicated permissions) is a critical aspect of our accounting practice. It is used so users can submit expenses for processing and reimbursement. The OCR is critical because, as others have indicated, receipts are captured at the time of purchase - not at the time of bank transaction import (which doesn't work for our bank anyway). We were expanding usage of Receipts and about to have our first two employees hired and had been looking at Wave Payroll... no more. Waving goodbye to Wave... kinda sad, really... we loved it! But to see how they are treating their customers... it's sad.

    I appreciate the recommendations to try Foreceipt. Our board will be taking a look at them this week.

  • KiahDKiahD Administrator Posts: 169 admin

    Hi @lordmuggins, the current Receipts process and mobile app will be depreciated, and the new Receipts feature launched in mid-June.

  • lordmugginslordmuggins Member Posts: 4
    I’m making the switch to Forceipts where I will gladly pay them. Wave have no interest in what it’s customers need. I’m done with them.
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