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Hi Wavers!

We’re excited to announce that our team has been hard at work leveraging your feedback to develop a new and improved receipts feature. The new receipts feature will launch in June, and with it, we will be retiring our Receipts by Wave mobile application along with some other areas of the original receipts feature.

We’ll continue to keep you updated via email, but with these changes, we want to reassure you that you won’t be losing any of your receipt data, and are confident that the new feature will help you save time and be more successful with your bookkeeping needs. Learn more below, and check out the FAQ’s where we’ve tried to address any immediate concerns.

So, why the change?

With the original feature, you would upload receipts and move them through statuses in order to post to your accounting. This allowed you to maintain a digital copy of the receipt in Wave and generate a new expense transaction. But for those who have their bank accounts connected to import transactions (or upload their statements electronically), this resulted in duplicates.

The recommended workflow has always been to merge the duplicates, but we understand that having to do so is not ideal. And based on your feedback, we understand that rather than convert the receipt into a new transaction, you would simply prefer to attach it to an existing transaction. We’re happy to report that we’ll be delivering just that.

How does the new Receipts feature work?

With the new feature, you’ll simply open up the transaction details for an expense transaction, and then be able to click “Upload a receipt” to attach a file from your device. That’s it! No more image processing. No more receipt statuses. No more duplicates.

For mobile users: Wave’s Transaction and Dashboard pages are fully responsive on mobile, so you can login to Wave on a mobile browser, and easily navigate to the Transactions page. Locate the relevant expense, open up the transaction details and click “upload a receipt” to snap a photo with your camera app, or select an image from your device. That’s it!

In this way, you can manage and categorize your transactions as you normally would, and easily attach and store receipts for the relevant purchases.

What's going away?

The following areas will be retired with the launch of the new Receipts feature in June.

  • Receipts by Wave: the mobile app was built around the original receipts workflow, which made you work harder than needed. By bringing the new, simplified feature directly into the web-based app, your receipt and overall transaction management are unified in a single experience (whether you’re on mobile or desktop) rather than split across apps.
  • OCR image processing: with the new feature, receipts will simply be attached to transactions, so the images will no longer need to be processed to create transactions.
  • Receipts page (Purchases > Receipts): this page serves as a hub to manage your uploaded receipts, and move them through statuses to post to your accounting. The new feature eliminates this manual process, so this page is no longer needed.
  • Email receipts feature ([email protected]): since receipt images will no longer be processed, we will be removing this feature. Moving forward, you can download your digital receipts and attach them directly to transactions (or take screenshots to then attach them).
  • Receipts Settings: these settings pertained to the OCR and email receipts feature. Since both of these features will be eliminated, the Receipts Settings will also be removed.

Anything else I need to know?

Again, we’re confident that the new receipts feature will help you save time and be more successful with your bookkeeping needs. Below, we’ve listed out some FAQ’s to address any immediate concerns you may have.

Q: What happens to my existing receipts?
A: Every receipt that you’ve previously uploaded into Wave (whether through the mobile app, email receipts feature, or the Receipts page) will continue to be stored within your Wave account, and can be exported through the Receipt Export.

Q: What if I have receipts that are not yet in the “Done” status? Do I have to do anything between now and the launch of the new feature?
We encourage you to leverage the current workflow, and post the receipts to your accounting. That said, if you have receipts that do not reach the “Done” status, you will not be losing the receipt image. All receipts you’ve previously uploaded, regardless of status, will be included in your Receipt Export.

Q: How will I know which transactions have a receipt attached?
A: With the launch of the new feature, we’ll be introducing a filter on the Transactions page that allows you to search for and verify which transactions have attached receipts. You can also open up the transaction details for an expense, and click the Receipt tab to view the receipt image!

Q: Can I keep using the mobile Receipts app?
A: Once retired, the app will no longer be connected to Wave. While the app will still be accessible on your device until you uninstall it, it will not be usable.

Q: If I only used Wave for the mobile receipts app, can I continue to use Wave to capture and store my receipt images?
A: The new receipts feature is optimized for a mobile experience. With our fully responsive Dashboard and Transactions page, you can easily login at on a mobile browser, and head to the Transactions page to snap a photo or attach an existing receipt image.



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    Yes!!!! You have made my year. Happy to return to using Wave for all of my accounting needs again with this update!

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    Yes! Finally!!! The biggest missing piece to this amazing website. I applaud this decision.

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    Thank you!! This is a game changer, and I'm excited to see it rolled out :)

    Reading between the lines, it seems for the migration to the new system Wave won't automatically attach the legacy "Done" receipt images to the transactions they've been posted to (merged or otherwise); if that's true, and we wanted to attach the original receipts to the existing transactions through the new process, we'd have to download them all in bulk, and one-by-one find all the transactions they are associated with to attach them back? This is not a deal-breaker for me personally, but a few of our clients have leveraged the Receipts function for years to attach receipts to transactions, and it would be helpful if the legacy images were automatically re-attached to the associated transactions using the new system, even if it were just a one-time migration process. Thoughts?

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