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RanjanSivamRanjanSivam Member Posts: 15

Hello There,
We have a lot of customers who likes to utilize Waves for accountings. They want our company to API into wave and pull customers and their balances to display into our system.

Do you provide get a list of customers and their balances via API?


  • RanjanSivamRanjanSivam Member Posts: 15

    Appreciate if someone could let me know.

  • AngelaCAngelaC Member Posts: 12 admin

    Hi @RanjanSivam,

    Wave has a public GraphQL API that will allow you to query for a list of customers. A good place to start is at our Developer Portal. You can find a sample query for how to get a list of customers from a specific business at this page.

    Hope this helps!

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  • DionDion Member Posts: 3

    Hi AngelaC. This is not a complete answer as @RanjanSivam asked for a balance as well, not just a list of customers

  • dacklanddackland Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 25 admin

    Hi @RanjanSivam and @Dion. We currently only have the customer balance on our internal schema, but we do plan to add it to our public schema as well. There are some additional considerations to be made before adding it, so I don't have a timeline as of right now. Thanks for your understanding.

  • waveproductteamwaveproductteam Member Posts: 1

    Howdy @RanjanSivam and @Dion. We have just added the ability to view a customers balance (overdue and outstanding amount) to our public API. Please refer to this example.

    Hope this is helpful!

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