Remove Credit Card Option from Invoices

kcelsikcelsi Member Posts: 1

Hello. I don't accept credit cards, but would like to accept bank transfers. Can I remove the credit card tab option from my invoice link so clients only can select bank transfer? I already have my account set up to not receive credit card payments. When I create a pdf of the invoice, the credit card option is not there so that works fine. It's just when I send the invoice directly through email or send a reminder. Thank you.


  • NancyCNancyC Administrator Posts: 119 admin

    Hi @kcelsi ! Hm, in this case where credit card payments has already been turned off on the Settings > Payments page, it could be that it may still be selected on an invoice level. Can you please open the invoice under the Sales > Invoices page to double check to see if credit card payments has been turned off there as well? You can find the online payment option on the very top of the invoice page:

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