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    EDIT: I read through the previous comments and I too NEED to be able to generate PO's. In my business I am a manufacturers rep for two companies and am paid commission only. No need to generate a PO there however I'm also a manufacturer/wholesaler and need the PO option. Please make this a priority. See my last line below : end of EDIT ---- I thought I read somewhere here about a work around to the missing PO (until you add that feature) is to create a bill. I did that however I can't see how to print it nor to email it as a .pdf to my supplier. Can you send me a link on how to work around the PO shortcoming and how am I supposed to send it to my vendor please? I received an order from my customer today and need to fill it asap.** BTW, yesterday was my year end and I started using Wave full time today.**

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    Just created my wave account today, wanted to start by creating Purchase Orders!!! - this is big time disappointment!

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    Hi everyone. I am confused. I use purchase orders with wave, I just generate them outside of wave & have a link to the 'bill' inside of wave. Even when I ran a competitive software (having the initials Quickbooks), I didn't use their PO generation. IMHO, not being a full MRP, these accounting/sales packages don't need the function.

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    Hi, @ARL.

    Can I ask what software you do use for purchase orders? Maybe it could help a few Wavers out!

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    Hello all. Thank you for all of your input on purchase orders. We understand that a subset of Wave users have a deep and immediate need for this functionality and most of the work arounds are admittedly subpar.

    We never want our user base to feel like we have gross oversights. Like all software companies, we do have to prioritize our projects to ensure we can solve sufficiently large problems across all of our users to be able to improve your collective satisfaction and earn enough revenue to keep fighting the good fight. You may have already heard that response, and we appreciate that your needs don't disappear just because our business model includes offering most of our software for free.

    Consider our entire product team informed that Purchase Orders matter to you. From here on, could you please let us know two things (all prior posts welcome to do the same @Insight, @Chiara, @confused, @Old_Yankee_Co1951, @KITA_Fragrances, @centriclean, @MakePublic, @Billionaire, @Cryoman, @BrandonF, @Bowen, @YoYo, @ByDesign, @bkhan2814, @RMS, @Norsin, @Catniss, @ritesh, @bothendsceylon, @danroyer):
    1. What type of business do you conduct?
    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders?
    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?

    Thank you kindly. This will help us better understand your needs.

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    Hello Mani
    1. What type of business do you conduct?
    Among other things I contract out work to metal, wood and plastic fabricators.
    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders?
    Today I issued one PO. Last week I issued 3 PO's
    I can go a week or more without issuing any and sometimes if I get an average sized roll out I will issue 4 to 6 for the one project.
    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?
    First I work with a client to determine their needs. We go over drawings and work out the best efficiencies
    I ask my vendors for input on each job or project.
    I then work out my costs with the vendors and submit a "Quotation" or estimate to my client.
    They send me a PO and I turn around and issue PO's to each vendor I worked with on that project.
    Is this the type of information you're looking for?

    I enjoy using wave. I had QB's a few years ago and moved to a simple excel spread sheet last fiscal year. I started wave June 1st of this year. 11 days ago.

    I still have to use my QB to write up the PO's at present.

    More: not only do I send an invoice with Wave I also have to generate a copy of that same invoice in my old QB program in order to be able to print packing slips.
    That's the other thing that Wave could do to save me a lot of time.... allow a packing slip to be generated using the invoice. Seems like a pretty simple thing for the QBs program to do. Hoping it's an easy add on.

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    1. What type of business do you conduct?
      Construction - Project Manager
      1. How frequently do you use purchase orders?
        5-15 a day
      2. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?
        Currently I have a Purchase Order book which I get from a local newsagents, it is simply a carbon copy PO book which I give the original order to my suppliers and sub contractors (manually edit to call a 'Work Order' and line items include the subbies 'scope of works') and then use my carbon copy to ensure the invoices match the materials/scope of works. Also allows me to track B/O's and remaining works to be completed by subbies.
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    Hello Mani,

    I do project managing & consulting. 80% of my (probably closer to 95% of my client's as 3rd parties) require POs. hence, I am at a cross roads as I really need an all-in-one accounting software. Not something I can hack together to make it work and hope that I never mess it up in the meantime. I do find it too bad though as I like the layout and feel of Wave, but not having the ability to issue POs is like having a great truck without AC in the Southern States in mid-summer - can be the best truck you ever had, but that one detail makes it just not worth the sweat.

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    Hi Mani,

    Thanks so much for replying to our request.

    1. What type of business do you conduct?
      I manufacture and sell fragranced products - perfumes, bath & body products, home fragrances, etc.

    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders?
      I issue about 10 PO's a week,

    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?
      I issue a PO for every order that I place for raw materials so that I can keep track of all my purchase orders.
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    I was not on the list of people you wanted feedback from, but needing the functionality of PO's, see below:

    1. What type of business do you conduct? - IT Infrastructure sales, installation and maintenance. All large purchases from my vendors require a PO.

    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders? - At minimum I create 3 PO's a day

    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow? - Estimate generated > PO from client > PO generated to Vendor > Delivery note generated along with Invoice.

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    Thank you @Insight, @Bowen, @Cryoman, @KITA_Fragrances, and @RVFmal for responding so quickly. Your feedback is useful. We'll allow others to jump in before collating it all and discussing with our product group.

    I'm curious how you all manage P.O.s that are issued to you, rather than the ones you need to generate to issue to others. How do you track, manage, and report against them, if at all? For those who are current / former QB users, what's your workflow for received P.O.s?

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    Hi I'm just starting out with Wave, my CPA suggested it as a good way to handle the accounting. Yesterday I needed to create a PO and like others found that its not part of the Wave functionality. So I'm in a similar boat as the rest here. Its definitely going to be a big need for our business. Any guess as to when you might add this feature in? Unfortunately, I'm not sure if its something I can do without, I may have to go some other route for my accounting package.

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    Hello Mani, please see my responses below.

    1. What type of business do you conduct?
      We conduct B2B sales so we have to send POs to our suppliers.
    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders?.
      It depends. Sometimes two to three a month.
    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?
      They are very much a part of it. In addition, since we do all of our accounting work in Wave it would help keep things balanced.
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    In regards to your PO's received question, i manage all mine outside of WAVE in spreadsheets.

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    @Mani I just use their PO number in the notes of the estimate.

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    Hi Mani,

    1. What type of business do you conduct?

    I'd like to setup one of my clients on WaveApps. They are involved in several different things. They host an online live talk show (via podcast), and their listeners developed into a community so they have also been hosting cruises (about 300 in their tour group). See https://www.derekandromaine.com/cruise/

    1. How frequently do you use purchase orders?

    They would have about 50 to 100 per month, depending on the month. Sometimes much less.

    1. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?

    When they have someone interested in a cruise, they are instructed to click the "Book Now" button, which links them to a Google Docs web form, that lets the person fill out their basic cruise requests. See: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFa95bg8IN48_3Vcq4i_HhRqxJH53DwBD55gsIdk700EzWwQ/viewform

    I envision the above Google Docs form, could essentially be turned into a WaveApps Purchase Order, which could record the requests and also turn them into Invoices - by specifying which fields from the P.O., would be on the invoice. This would eliminate them from having to re-key the basic info from the Google Docs form/database, into a new Invoice for each of the cruisers.


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    @Alexia said:
    Hi everyone.

    Purchase orders aren't something that can be created in Wave and there are currently no plans to add a purchase order feature. There's a few reasons as to why, and if you're curious, you can read a bit more about our process in selecting new features here.

    That being said, I've seen a few Wave users make a second business, and use invoices in that second business to create purchase orders without affecting the numbers in their primary business. You can modify most of the wording of invoice through the Invoice Customization page. It's not perfect, as the wording of the email sent with an invoice can't be modified, but it does work for some other Wave users. If you do choose to go that route, you'll still have to record your expenses manually after that purchase order is created.

    I am very confused how something like creating a PO cannot be on the road map. Not sure also of which business around the globe would not make use of Purchase Orders unless you work in the stone age where your word is gold. I cannot get orders to my suppliers without a PO and as much as I think Wave can work very well for me, I cannot make use of a system and then still need to use a secondary solution for something as simple as creating a PO.

    Love the product, but not understanding the business sense or model that Wave have at the moment as this is fundamental to business practice.

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    We luv wave also except for this 'Elephant-in-the-Room' most obvious impediment. A P.O. is fundamental to EVERY business that buys anything or has suppliers of ANYTHING. We cannot fathom the thinking by ignoring this and hey, if they had a PAID plugin for POs we'd buy it!
    We do really luv Waveapps and not just because it has a lot of free stuff but that was a good way to get us interested, but now that we are devotees please listen to your client-base! ONLY a TINY % of businesses out there are selling software or virtual services, the VAST majority of businesses DO buy things and have SUPPLIERS. You got this part VERY wrong, but hey we think you got the rest pretty-well right, why not go for the touch-down and prove that you really are the BEST eh?

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    If Wave cannot add a PO function, would it be possible to integrate with a third party online service that does? Of course this would mean full integration to the dashboard and access from the menu. Thanks.

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    Wave is definitely missing a trick not including PO's and printing of packing slip functionality (having just the product and quantity displayed without the pricing)

    The software is great but these 2 features are critical to businesses being able to trade successfully.

    Please consider adding this functionality.

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    Thank you, @stevensav and @Jason1975 for your feedback and for adding to this discussion.

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    Also, could a preferred vendor field be added to products and services. This would also be helpful in PO’s. Thanks.

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    1. What type of business do you conduct?
      Marine Systems Integration and Project Management

    2. How frequently do you use purchase orders?
      Depending on the project, we would need to generate 10-100 POs (hint: one for every order from a supplier)

    3. How do purchase orders fit into your business workflow?
      Most wholesale suppliers require a PO when you order from them. It's a legal procurement document (it's one half of the "offer and acceptance" requirement for a contract; an invoice being the other half). My PO becomes their Invoice. So workflow-wise: I send a PO to the supplier, they fulfill the order and send me an Invoice, my PO then becomes a Bill in the system (hopefully Wave), and I pay the bill according to the terms of payment.

    As far as receiving a PO from a customer? When that happens, I create an Invoice based on the PO and send it to the customer. That part is fine in Wave; we don't need additional functionality for that.

    PLEASE get this on the roadmap. I was amazed that POs weren't part of Wave when I switched from a purely consulting business to one that actually sells hard goods. This is literally Business 101.

    Thanks for listening to your community and seeking feedback!

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    Thank for adding to your feedback, @stevensav and @EMorgan! We really appreciate you taking the time to share.

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    I have a huge need for POs! I can't believe there isn't a way to create a PO, then converts to a bill the same way as estimates/invoices. Currently I am faced with having to drop Wave if this isn't added.

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    Hi, @trjames, thank you for adding your voice to this discussion.

    Can you tell us a bit more about your business? What industry are you in? How often do you find yourself needing purchase orders? Are they commonly required in your field? How do you create purchase orders right now? The more information you can give us, the better we'll be able to understand your needs, and, by extension, the impact a feature like this one could have.

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    I simply need to submit orders to suppliers, then have the PO convert to a bill when I get an invoice. I'm in software, I either need to have this, or find another accounting system.

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    Thank you for following up, @trjames, and thank you for your feedback.

    I can't promise this feature will make it to Wave and can't guarantee a timeline either. I can tell you that we are aware of the demand for a feature like this one and that feedback from our users has a significant impact on what we build next for Wave, but for the time being, you won't be able to create purchase orders directly from Wave.

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    I signed up for an account just to say that I can't use Wave because there is no purchase order functionality. I've read this this thread and it doesn't actually sound like Wave is listening even though they said they are. Get a product manager to read this thread. I cannot understand how many more examples of standard business operations an accounting software companies needs to understand how purchase orders are regularly used in conjunction with invoices to conduct business.

    I send estimate to my customer for product/service.
    I take purchase orders from my customer from product/service.
    I send a purchase order to my supplier for product.
    My supplier sends me an invoice product.
    I send my customer an invoice.
    Customer pays my invoice.
    I pay my suppliers invoice.

    This is a significant oversight in go to market strategy for Wave. I will continue paying Quickbooks 60 dollars a month for this functionality. I don't want to have to have to use two systems to keep all my clients/suppliers in. I want to track my sales and profits in a single system. Wave has no concept of expenses or gross revenue just sales. How do you calculate profit in Waves? How do I calculate tax liability?

    When you say that you provide powerful account software I would disagree. This is just a free invoicing system for payment processing. you still need to integrate it with an actually accounting system. Stop marketing as accounting software if you don't want to roadmap purchase orders.

    Oh and get this. If you know who your customers are paying money to (generating purchase orders for) you can use that to generate leads. Go to those companies (that we're paying) that are sending Invoices and try to get them to switch from Quickbooks to Wave. Those people need payment processing too. These are free leads! On the other side of every purchase order is an invoice. You're leaving so much data on the table it doesn't make sense. This is seems so core to your business that I no longer understand what your business model is.

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    PCS has nailed this, "I've read this this thread and it doesn't actually sound like Wave is listening even though they said they are". I have just started to use Wave too, and like everybody else on this thread, the software is nice and simple and a pleasure to use. BUT YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO UNDERSTAND, WE HAVE TO BUY STUFF AS WELL AS SELL IT.
    And to do that, we need to raise PO's on our suppliers. Sometimes one or two a week, sometimes half a dozen related to a single customer order (and an invoice) - it's bringing together many disparate products to make a solution. Business 101.

    I've worked around it with your "Frig" of using the Estimate, but that's only because i've also raised a Bill to account for it. But this is not ideal. If you can simply create a PO that feeds into the Bill in the same way as you create an Estimate that converts into an invoice that would be great. We can then send the PO to our suppliers, job done. When the goods come in with the supplier invoice, we then simply they convert the PO to the actual bill.

    I don't understand why this seems so difficult to do.

    come on guys, step up. You can see it's not just a "nice to have" it's fundamental to any business who is NOT PURELY a consultancy and sells their own time and nothing else (and whilst accepting i'm no developer, you have the template already with the Estimate/Invoice functionality).

    Many thanks

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