Integrate Community Discussion with WAVE App Help search

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Since there will be more discussion and interactivity in community site, I wonder if WAVE can integrate the community posts within the HELP search function for support.

For example, once I login my WAVE account, there is no direct URL link for Community site. The only place I can find and search keywords for help is the HELP button at lower-left corner.

However, I don't think the help library here contains the postings from Community site. I would like to see our postings and discussions here being linked with the HELP search function. Lots of questions should be shared. There is really no reason to block the users from accessing the community topics.

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    Hi @chj915 ! You've touched on an interesting point here: on a previous community platform, help articles and community topics were integrated. However, we now utilize two different tools for our Help Center and Community, and the in-app Help tool is presently only able to pull search results from one of these (the Help Center). It's not possible to integrate these right now, but the feedback is useful to help us make decisions going forward.

    We've also had a number of conversations regarding how best to use the community as a resource for our customers - as part of our customer support system, or as something else (such as a means of connecting with other business owners, or a greater focus on product feedback and research)?

    Certainly, it's true that right now, the Community functions mostly as a part of our customer support system (and I'm pretty proud of our successes in that domain so far).

    I want to ensure that it continues to be all that it can be for Wave's customers. This could mean dividing it up into subcommunities where one is fully devoted to technical support. We're also planning to begin opening up embedded community discussions in the Help Center. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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    I'm also curious, if you could access the Community through a separate but similar pop-up inside of Wave or post to conversations from there, would that be useful?

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    At least, put the community site url in WAVE dashboard somewhere, so people get more exposure to it. I found myself having to type the community site on separate browser tab to open it rather than finding a link somewhere on the page.

    The reason I brought up this request is that: sometime I knew there is a posting in community, but if I just type my keyword in "Help" window via my WAVE dashboard page, it is not taking me to that posting or discussion at all. In that case, all those great discussions/findings/sharings are in vein.

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