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  • liezlliezl Member Posts: 3

    I think it will be great if Wave can incorporate a system where the client can accept the quote online and also provide a purchase order. I had to create a separate system to file quotes: Those accepted, and those awaiting approval. Would be rad if we could have a filter for this as well.

  • ShaunaGShaunaG Member Posts: 3

    Let me add my name to the list of people that want this.

    It seems obvious to me that estimates should have some type of approval flow, so I'm really surprised (and disappointed) that we've had to fight for two years now. I have contracts for the signing part, so the legal side is taken care of (and can be referenced in the contracts if necessary).

    The flow seems really straightforward:

    1. I create an estimate and send it to the client/prospect (same as current behavior)
    2. (New behavior starts here) Client then:
      1. Clicks the "Approve" button to approve the estimate
      2. Or, clicks the "Reject" button (and optionally given a field to enter notes and counter offer stuff), so I can create a new version of the estimate, rinse and repeat until approval
    3. Upon approval, estimate is converted to invoice automatically (or sets the status of the estimate to "approved" and prompts for manual conversion) and either gives me the option to manually send the invoice or sends the invoice automatically.
  • AWeissAWeiss Member Posts: 5

    This seems like an essential feature that has lots of community support and is truly overdue. Please, please, please add this feature. It's such a small thing but such a large part of my business and workflow. It really is something that would make me choose another platform/product.

  • JD87JD87 Member Posts: 2

    I only signed up here to post on this thread. This feature is severely needed! It is a legal aspect we are talking about here. It's called "clickthrough" agreements. That and/or signatures are the only way for us to protect ourselves to ensure once a quote\estimate has been approved. That the client will follow through on their end. If not, it's the only proof we have in court that shows client action was taken to accept the quote\estimate in the first place and it was agreed on by the client. Without this feature. Quotes\Estimates are essentially useless.

    I spent a few hours adding all my clients to Wave as I was going to move from WordPress Sliced Invoices but because of this missing feature which has been requested for since 2018... I sadly won't be able to move over yet. I may need to look elsewhere at this point.

    What I don't understand is the fact that this hasn't been added yet. I'm a front end developer and I can tell you in terms of development. This feature could be added in a few hours no problem. So what is taking so long to produce this simple feature?

    edited February 17, 2021
  • AprilJAprilJ Member Posts: 1

    This is also holding me back from switching. Since you can sync with quickbooks online and their estimates have status' of pending, approved, rejected Wave should allow the customer to push a button as suggested above and approve it maybe type their name so we know who approved it or better yet digitally sign it and mark it approved.

  • JWJCJWJC Member Posts: 2

    Hear Hear!

    I completely agree with all previous frustrations on this thread, and must also admit that my business surely suffers somewhat from the annoyance of not having the ability to send estimates or quotes within the Wave ecosystem of apps.

    WAVE - Please tend to this before you lose your client base to competitors. Your platform/developers have known about this blatant request for 3 years now!

    Also, I think it’s time to step up the game with your apps for use on iPad or tablet. But not before you put in the time to get us the estimates/quotes function or app, please.

    Thank you!

  • JulianPJulianP Member Posts: 1,002 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @JWJC !

    Thanks for reaching out about this and expressing your interest in a mobile estimates app. For full transparency, we currently have no plans on our product roadmap to implement a mobile estimates application or feature. Please note that we are not dismissing your feedback as our product and development teams keep a keen eye on our Community forums for buzz around our products. We appreciate you reaching out.

    If you'd like, you can still issue estimates from your mobile device by logging into your account via your mobile browser. I want to point out that our website is now mobile responsive so you will have a better user experience with this method moving forward.

    When using our applications on tablets, the experience will be the same but larger essentially. They UI won't change I'm afraid.

  • jkwasn01jkwasn01 Member Posts: 1

    It's amazing such simple concept is not even on the roadmap. If you can't make it where a customer can approve an estimate and turn it into an Invoice then at minimum allow for a notification that the customer approved the estimate.

    Literally looking for alternatives now. This as you can imagine will help streamline businesses.

  • MAG2018MAG2018 Member Posts: 3

    I'm a new Wave user, so far I love it but I've been reading the Estimates Status threads and wondering if there's an update on this? Would be EXTREMELY helpful for my design business to be able to have a client click a button in order to approve / reject an estimate.

  • lewklewk Member Posts: 1

    Its almost 2022 :disappointed: ... please add this standard, high impact, and fairly trivial functionality :expressionless:

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