What are the integrations with Wave that are top on your wish list 🤔?



  • Kyle_RKyle_R Member Posts: 4

    @Alexia if integration is not a core competancy, it can be a distraction for your dev team and take away from other core development on the Wave roadmap. You guys should consider finding a partner in the integration ecosystem to accelerate these initiatives with less overhead by outsourcing the complexity. Loving Wave accounting, btw, keep up the good work!

  • ShaunaGShaunaG Member Posts: 3

    ClickUp integration -- ClickUp provides a ton of project management features (including time tracking) that would be awesome to be able to import into Wave as line items or aggregate times for invoicing.

    DocuSign/HelloSign integration -- If you're not intending on doing contracts and a proper approval process for estimates, then we really need a good way to tie them back to Wave from services that do, so they're not so detached.

  • KaldreaKaldrea Member Posts: 2

    Integrate with Shippo please, and accept PayPal. I am have a product based business. Both of these are essential to me.

  • lhusseylhussey Member Posts: 1

    Would love a Pipedrive integration.

  • Phil1535Phil1535 Member Posts: 2
    PayPal Nov 2020
  • MPalasickMPalasick Member Posts: 1

    Connections to a collection agency (Collbox) and a CRM (vTiger, Hubspot, PipeDrive)

  • WisecompanyWisecompany Member Posts: 9

    PayPal & Square

  • RanjanSivamRanjanSivam Member Posts: 15

    We like to see Get of list of customers and their balances.

  • jstinemirejstinemire Member Posts: 1
    Apptivo CRM
  • adamadamadamadam Member Posts: 2 ✭✭

    TaxJar integration so I can automate sales tax reporting and combining my wave data with other channels.

  • RanjanSivamRanjanSivam Member Posts: 15

    Thank you for your consideration.
    We love to see:
    1) Able to create bill pay to vendors
    2)Able to create recurring invoices to customers

  • Emma_B74Emma_B74 Member Posts: 1

    Purchase Order function, I've seen many threads requesting the need for this, I'm surprised it's not been added on yet, it's just the opposite of estimates that can be turned into invoices under expense section

  • onystitonystit Member Posts: 1

    TaxJar or AvaTax for automated sales tax calculation at time of invoice generation (and edits) based on Shipping or Billing address, and Product type. Would require a slight overhaul of the product system where you would tax items as taxable/non-taxable and the type of tax, and then let the API of the tax calculation engine do the rest (State, Local, or B&O), as applicable. Would also need an option for manually overriding, not just on a case by base basis, but recurrent overrides that would save with recurring invoices, for example, or saved to the customer profile (maybe they're always tax exempt, or ONLY obligated for us to remit B&O versus collect & temit Sales Tax + B&O, etc.)

  • Scott_LScott_L Member Posts: 3

    I assume this post is still being monitored. Top 2 integrations for me:
    1. Bill Payment Processing. Mellio Payments is a free bill payment processor. They already integrate with Quickbooks.
    2. Integration with some budgeting tool.

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