Creating Bulk Journal entries via wave connect.

evanandaevananda Member Posts: 1

Hi Team,
I'm trying to create journal entries via wave connect. My debit and credit is matching. Check the screen shot.
I am trying to do a single journal transaction with multiple lines. Please check teh excel screen shot and the wave connect error screen shot


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hi @evananda , this is definitely unusual 🤔. I'm noticing that the Account Name and Totals bars are both green which means that these are even (and of course you do also have the balances showing which are even). Can I ask you to try and access through a different browser? I think something is just slightly off in the sheet. If that doesn't work, try accessing through Incognito mode in Chrome.

    Let me know if any of this works for you!

  • PaulCPaulC Administrator Posts: 171 admin

    Hi @evananda,
    When we see the totals in green, but an 'unbalanced' error being reported, this is most often because additional rows have been created in the input table, without correctly matching to Accounts in Wave.
    Can you please confirm that, when inputting your values, you put them ALL on existing lines that Wave Connect had built for you? If not, go back to Wave; add the Accounts you want to use there; and then start your upload process from Wave Connect again.
    Hope that helps.

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